Producers ‘furious’ with Christine Brown for ‘leaking’ Sister Wives spoilers

Christine Brown red carpet
Christine strikes a pose on the red carpet for an event at the Hollywood Theater at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Pic credit: © MJT/AdMedia

Reportedly, Season 18 of Sister Wives is underway, but producers aren’t happy with Christine Brown.

Although rumors have been swirling, TLC has yet to make an official announcement regarding another season of Sister Wives.

However, a Sister Wives insider recently spoke with The Sun and claimed that the cast is, in fact, filming for Season 18 and that producers are “furious” that Christine is leaking spoilers.

“The Sister Wives are filming, and everyone is pretty much in their own world,” the source told the publication.

They added that production isn’t happy with Christine, “the only one who’s been revealing spoilers of what’s to come on the next season.”

According to the insider, production is upset that “rebellious” Christine has been teasing Sister Wives fans with posts on social media.

Christine Brown has hinted at future seasons of Sister Wives

As Monsters and Critics reported, Christine has mentioned filming for upcoming episodes of Sister Wives, implying that there is another season headed viewers’ way.

In a recent share on Instagram, Christine and her new love, David Woolley, posed for a photo in her living room. Behind them in the kitchen, film crews were spotted with cameras and boom mics, suggesting that not only is filming for Season 18 of Sister Wives underway but that David may be making an appearance on the popular TLC series.

Last fall, Christine shared a selfie on Instagram along with a teaser, noting that she was filming from her Utah home.

“I’m finally filming in my house in Salt Lake!! So excited!” she captioned the post.

Christine didn’t share any other details, but some Sister Wives fans have suspected she could be filming a spinoff show of her own — something that viewers have been begging TLC to air for months.

Will Christine Brown get her own Sister Wives spinoff?

If Christine were to get her own spinoff, not only would Sister Wives fans be thrilled, but TLC would have plenty of content to capture.

Christine has a new boyfriend, a new life in Utah, her own cooking show, and continues to build her online businesses. Whether Christine’s new relationship would be a focal point in a new season of Sister Wives remains to be seen, but it would definitely reel in viewers.

Although the show initially set out to highlight the perks of polygamy, Kody Brown and his ex-wives and current wife, Robyn, have done the opposite.

Kody and Robyn are the only two surviving spouses in the Browns’ plural marriage. Christine announced her split in November 2021, Janelle revealed during the Season 17 Tell All that she and Kody were separated, and in January 2023, Meri and Kody formally announced their marriage’s termination.

While Christine has moved on with David, Janelle, and Meri are focusing on their families and personal lives before dipping their toes back into the dating pool, if at all.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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