Pregnant MAFS star Jessica Studer admits to one ‘worry’ about having a second child

MAFS star Jessica Studer screenshot
Jessica Studer talks about her pregnancy. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jessica Studer is expecting her second child with her husband Austin Hurd but she recently opened up about something worrying.

The Married at First Sight alum is nervous about being able to love her new baby the way she loves her first son.

Jessica got real during a Q&A with her followers, where she discussed her pregnancy and her plans for baby number two.

Jessica and Austin shared the happy news with the world in March about expecting their second child.

The MAFS couple are already parents to a two-year-old son, Westin Hurd who’ll be a big brother in a few months.

Westin played a major role in the adorable pregnancy announcement rocking a big brother t-shirt for the cute snaps shared on social media.

Here’s why Jessica Studer is worried about baby number two

The MAFS Season 10 star answered several questions from her Instagram followers and they were mostly about her pregnancy.

Someone asked Jessica what she’s most looking forward to with having two kids.

“Watching them grow and bond together,” she responded, adding, “I sometimes worry that I couldn’t possibly love another child as much as I love Westin but I know that’ll change and my love will grow.”

Jessica Studer Instagram Story
Jessica Studer talks about her pregnancy. Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

Jessica’s Instagram followers had more questions for the busy RN about her growing family.

A commenter asked if the couple found out the gender of their son Westin before he was born and if they plan to do the same with their second child.

“We found out with Westin but this time we are waiting to find out,” Jessica shared.

Someone also asked about Jessica’s busy nighttime schedule as a labor and delivery RN and how it affects her marriage to Austin.

“I work 3 nights a week so we still have 4 nights together a week,” revealed the 36-year-old.

She continued, “Austin also works from home, when I’m home during the day like right now we see each other lots!”

Jessica Studer Instagram Story
Jessica Studer Q&A. Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

Jessica talks about the ‘train wreck’ Denver season

Pregnancy wasn’t the only topic of conversation during the Instagram Q&A, people also wanted Jessica’s opinion about the current season of MAFS.

The alum has been tuned in to the ‘train wreck’ and she was a guest on the Season 17 Decision Day Dish along with Austin and a few other MAFS alums.

Jessica Studer Instagram Story
Jessica Studer Q&A. Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

“It was a tough season to watch,” Jessica noted. “As the show has grown in popularity I think cast are focusing too much on how they appear on camera versus building a marriage.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 month ago

Congratulations to Jessica and Austin!! Season 17 was the worst season ever on MAFS. I think the cast all wanted their 15 minutes of fame. None of them seemed interested in their marriages. And the manipulation they displayed with the experts and fans was despicable. Shame on all of them!!