Porsha Williams enjoys a luxurious life with Simon Guobadia — Is she in it for money?

RHOA alum Porsha Williams.
The power couple Porsha and Simon are making “money moves.” Pic credit: Bravo

It’s no surprise that Porsha Williams loves the finer things in life. From her killer dresses to lavish wigs, and her Pampered by Porsha luxury sheet line, Porsha knows how to flaunt and flex. 

Porsha and Simon face backlash over fast paced relationship

Porsha and her fiance Simon Guobadia have faced a lot of hate about their relationship as many believed she and Simon rushed into their relationship as it seemingly happened overnight. 

On the last season of RHOA, we saw Falynn Guobadia and Porsha basically living it up together getting closer and becoming good friends, however, after the news broke of Porsha and Simon getting engaged after only a month of dating, fans began to speculate that Porsha was probably the reason for his divorce from Falynn. 

Porsha stands firmly by the fact that Simon and Falynn were indeed getting a divorce even though the timeline was unclear. 

Falynn said that the two were in the process of getting a divorce, whereas Simon said that the relationship had ended after 1.5 years of marriage. So, it all seems like a juicy hot mess express. 

Porsha is constantly getting lavish gifts from Simon

Porsha had also recently received a $300,000 Rolls-Royce from her fiance . The Rolls Royce was just another one of the extravagant gifts Porsha has received over the duration of their relationship. However the Rolls Royce by far had to be one of the best gifts she had received from Simon other than the big diamond ring she stays rocking. 

You can tell that Porsha is truly in love with this man. She faces backlash from fans about their fast-moving relationship, but she is always ready to defend her position. 

The two recently decided to purchase a multi-million dollar home together for their blended family. Some may say that Porsha is only with Simon for his money, because they have not even known one another for long, and are already engaged. She’s receiving lavish gifts, and now they’ve purchased a home together.

Porsha made an Instagram post going over the fact that she had nothing to do with Falynn and Simon’s divorce and that she and Falynn are not friends. Which is odd considering Porsha was just defending Falynn in a prior episode where LaToya had commented saying that the only reason Falynn could afford her house was that she was with an older man. 

Porsha stating that she and Falynn are not friends really leaves you to wonder if Porsha was just being fake and acting like the two are friends solely to step in and take her place because she was envious of Falynn and Simon’s life together.

Porsha’s Family Matters streams on FuboTV or Hulu+ Live.

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