Porsha Williams confronted by angry woman at her book signing, RHOA star slammed for wearing fur

Porsha Williams' s recent book signing gets interrupted by woman urging the RHOA alum to stop wearing fur
Angry woman interrupts Porsha Williams at her book signing. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Porsha Williams got quite the surprise during a recent stop on her book tour. The newly-minted author was confronted by an angry woman blasting her for wearing fur during a book signing event at Barnes & Noble.

Porsha remained quite unfazed throughout the entire ordeal as members of her team attempted to silence the fur-hating intruder. As the drama ensued only a few feet away, the RHOA star continued to sign copies of her book, The Pursuit of Porsha.

It appears the woman snuck into the event by pretending to be a fan because in the video she had a copy of Porsha’s book in hand.

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Porsha Williams confronted during book signing for wearing fur

During a recent stop on her book tour, the Porsha’s Family Matters star got more than she bargained for while signing copies of her book at Barnes & Noble.

A woman walked to the front of the room and appeared to address the people who were waiting in line to see Porsha.

“I’m not here to interrupt anything,” said the woman. “I want to bring something to your attention that’s very important. The Real Housewives support fur and wear fur.”

As the woman waved a copy of Porsha’s book–which by the way is currently selling out— she tried to move closer to Porsha to address her directly.

“Porsha, Porsha… please stop wearing fur,” said the woman.

However, as she attempted to move closer to where Porsha was doing her book signing she was stopped by two women who attempted to make her leave the event.

Porsha Williams ‘fan’ begs her to go fur-free

During the dramatic scene, the woman tried to get closer to Porsha but her attempts were blocked.

She shouted out to Porsha, “Please go fur-free, please go fur-free, Porsha I’m a big fan and I really ask you to please go fur-free.”

“Animals are skinned alive, animals are skinned alive… it’s not fashion,” continued the woman as people tried to escort her from the room.

Before finally giving up she made one final attempt and shouted, “Porsha, please go fur-free.”

In case you’re wondering, the reality TV personality was not wearing fur during the book singing, However, she has posted photos on social media clad in fur.

Just days ago, the Porsha’s Family Matters star donned a black fur vest over her Fendi bodysuit while posing with her memoir during a trip to the Empire State building.

There are other images of the 40-year-old dressed in fur pieces as well but what we don’t know is if the furs are real or fake. Either way, Porsha has not addressed the incident.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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