Pics show how Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown celebrated first Christmas without Billy

Billy Brown and Ami Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Billy Brown and Ami Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

There was a lot of talk after Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown died about how it affected his kids.

However, the one person it affected more than any other was his wife Ami Brown.

Ami and Billy were married for 42 years when he passed away on February 7, 2021.

That means this was the first Christmas since the 1970s that Ami Brown spent without Billy as her husband.

Luckily, photos show that her family was still there for her this holiday season.

Photos of Ami Brown’s Christmas from Alaskan Bush People

The Alaskan Bush People family spent Christmas together according to the photos.

While Matt Brown already said he wasn’t going to be there for Christmas with his mother and siblings, other family members showed up.

Raiven Adams posted a photo that showed her and Bear, with their baby boy River, along with Ami Brown and Rain Brown posing for a Christmas photo.

Rain also took to Instagram for some photos. She posted one of the same five family members posing together.

“Merry Christmas from my Wolfpack to yours! Woohoo!!! #staystrong #stayhappy #Christmas,” she wrote.

Rain posted a second photo to show her other brothers on the scene. This photo included Bear, Gabe, and Bam Bam.

“Who’s ready for a ALL new @alaskanbushpeople CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Tonight on @discovery and @discoveryplus!! Celebrate this Christmas bush style!,” she wrote advertising the special that aired that night.

It looks like the family made sure that Ami Brown had a family Christmas to celebrate after losing the love of her life earlier this year.

Where was Matt Brown at Christmas?

As mentioned, the one person who wasn’t there was brother Matt Brown.

Fans who wanted to see if Matt Brown could reunite with his siblings after Billy Brown’s death will be disappointed to learn that Matt spent Christmas alone this year.

He shot one of his accountability videos where he explained this.

He mentioned that people always do their old traditions every year for Christmas, but he wants to start his own thing this year, a new tradition for him to celebrate the holidays.

“I intend to just kind of make my own thing now. And I’m really kind of excited about it, you know?” Matt said.

This new tradition saw Matt wake up, make his bed, eat some food, and then rest and relax. It sounds like Matt doesn’t want to worry about all the stress that can go into a family holiday.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The show should return sometime in 2022.

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