Peter Weber says Hannah Brown promised to keep their hookup private before she put it in her book

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber
Peter Weber said Hannah Brown has betrayed his trust twice in telling private information. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Peter Weber will not be confiding in Hannah Brown anytime soon after she reportedly published the story of their hookup despite agreeing to keep it private.

Peter spoke to Us Weekly about what he would have done differently in Hannah’s situation and if they’d talked since.

Peter said there have now been two different situations where his ex-girlfriend promised to keep a situation quiet and then opened up about it publicly.

He was referring to Hannah’s revelation that the two got intimate on their overnight date and her new book’s ousting of their hookup after Peter’s season.  

“If two people have a private situation and talk and they say they’re gonna keep it private, I just keep it private,” Peter said.

The Bachelor’s Peter Weber said Hannah Brown did not respond to him after her book was published

The former Bachelor also got real about how much the two have communicated recently.

Hannah previously opened up about not giving Peter any warning about the upcoming story in her book, but it appears he also didn’t receive a follow-up.

“I reached out to her [Hannah], I received no comments,” Peter said. “It is what it is. I personally, I wouldn’t have done something like that.”

Despite saying he no longer trusts Hannah with his secrets, he did joke that he probably helped her sell a lot of books.

Peter Weber said he wasn’t ashamed of his hookup with Hannah Brown

Peter also said he didn’t feel ashamed of connecting physically with Hannah Brown again.

“And it was just two people kind of exploring that and nothing came from it and that’s OK,” Peter said. “I was never gonna speak on it, but once it got out, like, there was nothing to hide, nothing that I felt bad about or ashamed of.”

He described the experience as a result of the two having a past and trying to figure themselves and their relationship out.

Hannah revealed in her book that she felt like the spark had disappeared between the pair at the point they met up again.

It appears that Peter is moving on as well, as he opened up last year about being ready to find a new relationship outside of his Bachelor exes.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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