Pete Davidson got a new tattoo to honor Kim Kardashian and her four children

Pete Davidson got a new very discrete tattoo of Kim and her four kids and she absolutely loves it.
Pete Davidson got a new, very discrete tattoo of Kim and her four children. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Pete Davidson, the beau of The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian, has a new tattoo honoring the reality TV star.

Although Pete and Kim have only dated since October, Pete’s new tattoo is one of multiple tattoos he has honoring Kim.

Pete gets Kim and her Kids’ initials tattooed on his neck

The 28-year-old Staten Island comedian Pete Davidson got a discrete tattoo of Kim Kardashian and her kids’ initials on his neck.

Pete is very well known for having many tattoos, even a tattoo on his chest dedicated to Kim, reading, “my girls a lawyer.” 

Viewers speculate that the initials on his neck are specifically for Kim Kardashian and her kids. YouTube Channel NeverrGaveUp shared a screenshot of Pete’s neck with telling letters inked into his skin.

The tattoo reads, “KNSCP.” 

Pete Davidson is caught with a new tattoo honoring Kim and her Kids.
Pic credit: NeverrGaveUp/YouTube

Fans believe that the initials stand for Kim and each of her kids’ names (Kim, North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm).

Some fans think that Pete tattooing Kim’s kids’ on his body was a very bold move

Seeing as how the two have only been in a relationship for a few months, some fans found it unbelievable that Pete Davidson would make such a grand gesture and get a tattoo of the initials of Kim Kardashian’s kids on his body. 

Some fans were stunned because neither Kanye West nor Kim have their children’s names tattooed anywhere on their bodies. 

Viewers thought it was a bold move because Kim and Pete may not last forever. Other critics thought the tattoo was ridiculous as the two have only been together for a few months. 

Fans chimed in and left their opinions

One fan commented, “this one’s easy. Just imagine someone, man or woman, months into a relationship, tattoo in your four kids’ names on their neck. And you and the other parent don’t even have tattoos of their names. And they’re all under NINE YEARS OLD!”

Some fans criticize Pete for getting a tattoo since Kim and Kanye don't have one of their own with their kids names.
Pic credit: NeverrGaveUp/YouTube

Some fans even commented about Kim’s character by allowing Pete to get the tattoo. 

One fan said, “this is weird and inappropriate asf, but I can imagine Kim saying ‘oh my God, that’s like such a cool idea’ (Vomiting emoji).”

Some fans believe it is inappropriate for Pete to have the tattoo.
Pic credit: NeverrGaveUp/YouTube
Kim comment
Pic credit: NeverrGaveUp/YouTube

Many fans thought it was too soon for Pete to be tattooing Kim’s kids’ initials considering they are not married. 

One fan commented, “8 months, and you’re already getting the kids’ names had it? The f**k? Too soon.” 

There were even some fans who shared their total disgust for Pete. 

They commented, “Pete da creep (shocked emoji).” 

Some fans were very blunt about their feelings surrounding the new tattoo.
Pic credit: NeverrGaveUp/YouTube

For now, the two are happy; however, fans have to wonder what’s going to happen to those Kim Kardashian tattoos if they ever break up.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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