Perfect Match Season 2 couples open up: Who’s still together and where are they now?

elys hutchinson and harry jowsey confessionals on netflix
Did Elys and Harry find love after Perfect Match? Pic credit: Netflix

Another season of Perfect Match has come to an end, and only one couple walked away with the grand prize.

This season, we watched another group of eligible singles from across the reality TV universe shack up in a tropical paradise looking for love.

Only 10 of the 25 contestants made it to the finale, comprising five couples: Chris Hahn and Tolú Ekundare, Bryton Constantin and Elys Hutchinson, Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier, Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri, and Nigel Euro and Christine Obanor.

The couple deemed the “Perfect Match” this season was Christine and Nigel, one of the last duos to couple up — but did they last after their season ended?

Speaking with Tudum by Netflix, Christine and Nigel revealed that they’ve since broken up.

As Christine put it, “Neither of us were in the right headspace, but our hearts wanted to give it a shot.”

Did any of the couples from Season 2 of Perfect Match stay paired up after the show?

One couple that many Perfect Match viewers were sure would be crowned the winners was Stevan and Alara.

These two matched up pretty quickly, and from the get-go, their compatibility was evident.

Despite their chemistry on screen, L.A.-based Stevan and London-based Alara have also called it quits, mostly due to their long-distance relationship.

As Stevan explained, living on opposite ends of the globe proved to be a challenge for their relationship.

“We just really weren’t able to speak,” he shared. “By the time I was waking up, she was going to bed.”

Micah and Kaz were a couple who seemed destined to go the distance … that was until Kaz was seduced by other women in the house and decided to test the waters.

Although Kaz’s actions hurt Micah, the two decided to pair back up and give their long-distance romance another chance.

But it seems as though Micah couldn’t let go of Kaz’s wandering eye. Kaz claims that Micah sent him a text while they were still filming Perfect Match telling him that she “truly hates” him.

As for Micah, she told Tudum that she’s keeping her love life off reality TV from here on out, and the next time we hear about her significant other, it’ll be “when I have a ring on my finger, and that will be the next time you guys hear from me.”

Elys and Bryton seemed as though they could make their romance work despite the long distance between them.

They matched up later in the game after Elys’ failed relationships with Harry, Chris, and Justin.

Elys was smitten with Bryton off the bat, but despite their physical attraction, they’ve also gone their separate ways.

Both Elys and Bryton are in new relationships these days. Elys says that she’s “madly in love with a gorgeous boy” who she’s been dating for about one year.

Bryton has no regrets but says he owes an apology to “literally nobody,” including the cast or fans of the show.

Some surprising breakups this season

Chris and Tolú looked like strong contenders to become this season’s winning couple, but it didn’t turn out that way.

This couple had a strong connection that seemed sincere, but it wasn’t enough to last.

Chris and Tolú have split, but as for Tolú, she has no regrets whatsoever.

And she is unapologetic about her lack of communication with her now-ex, Chris.

“My relationship with Chris as of current is non-existent and I intend to keep it that way,” she says.

Jessica and Harry were another couple who seemed to have it all going for them. Harry was instantly smitten with Jessica on their blind date at the beach and decided to drop Elys for the Love Is Blind alum.

But Harry couldn’t control himself during a guys’ day and his flirty exchange with Melinda Melrose ended with a kiss and talks about having a baby.

Jessica tried to be mature about the situation and give Harry the benefit of the doubt, but eventually, she walked away from their romance despite Harry’s deep love for her.

They gave their relationship another shot after filming ended, but as we saw in the final episode, that only lasted a week before they broke things off yet again.

So, have Jessica and Harry moved on with new significant others? Jessica played coy and said that she’s “holding her cards a little close to her chest” when it comes to her romantic life.

As for Harry, he is still “violently single” and admits, “I’m just not an easy person to date.”

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