Perfect Match: Are Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow still together?

Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow
Joey and Kariselle rekindled their romance on Perfect Match. Pic credit: Netflix

Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow gave love another shot on Perfect Match, but is the couple still together?

Netflix’s Perfect Match has had reality TV fanatics binge-watching episodes since it dropped on Valentine’s Day.

One of the first couples to pair out of the gate was Joey and Kariselle, who had dated previously.

With the goal of finding true love and becoming the show’s most compatible couple, it looks as though Joey and Kariselle have it in the bag. But as Perfect Match viewers quickly learned, literally anything can change in an instant.

Although Kariselle thought her fellow contestant, Chase DeMoor, was everything she wanted in a partner, it turned out that her attraction to Joey was something she wasn’t willing to leave behind.

After going on a date with Chase, Kariselle decided to give it a try with Joey again, and so far, they’ve been inseparable, and it looks as though they could be crowned Perfect Match’s most compatible couple.

Are Perfect Match couple Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow still together?

But Perfect Match began filming in early 2022, so anything could have happened between then and now, leaving fans of the show to wonder: Are Joey and Kariselle still together? Here’s what we know.

As viewers learned on Perfect Match, Joey and Kariselle have a history. Kariselle admitted to DMing Joey in 2020 after seeing him on The Circle. Although Kariselle made the trip to L.A. to meet up with Joey, he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet.

The duo had a couple more reconnections over the years, but ultimately, Kariselle claimed that Joey’s commitment issues were an obstacle.

During their time together on Perfect Match, things got serious, however. Joey went as far as to ask Kariselle to be his girlfriend, and she gladly accepted his offer.

Ever since they’ve paired — after Kariselle’s date with Chase and Joey revealing he would go home if she didn’t choose him — the couple has been inseparable, and Perfect Match viewers are rooting for their romance.

So, are Joey and Kariselle still going strong? It’s hard to say definitively.

Joey follows Kariselle on Instagram, but whether that’s reciprocated is unknown since her account is private.

joey sasso is following kariselle snow on instagram
Joey is currently following Kariselle on Instagram. Pic credit: @joeysasso/Instagram

In addition, Joey and Kariselle were photographed together in a post that Joey shared in July 2021, seen below.

In the IG post, the twosome canoodled for an adorable photo taken in a bar as Joey announced his sobriety.

Just days ago, Joey included Kariselle in a carousel post on Instagram and tagged her in a photo. In the third slide of the post seen below, Joey and Karispelle posed for a photo during what appeared to be a break in filming.

Joey didn’t mention Kariselle in the post other than tagging her IG handle. He captioned his share, “What a lovely time it was to be in Panama with your friends making a wild a** tv show. Some of these photos bring back so many memories. Enjoy ❤️??”

With a February 28 finale just around the corner, Perfect Match viewers will be glued to their TVs to find out who goes home with the coveted title of the most compatible couple. And perhaps more updates about the contestants’ love lives will also be revealed.

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix, with new episodes dropping on February 28.

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