Perfect Match: Are Dom and Georgia still together?

Georgia and Dom IG
Georgia and Dom made it to the finale of Perfect Match as a couple. Pic credit: @georgiahassarati/@dontcalldom/Instagram

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati made it to the finale episode as one of Perfect Match’s couples who were still going strong.

*Spoiler alert: This article reveals the winners of Perfect Match.

Dom, a former contestant on The Mole, and Georgia, a Too Hot to Handle Season 3 alum, were among the cast of good-looking Netflix reality TV stars looking to find their Perfect Match.

Along with several other male and female contestants, Dom and Gabriel engaged in mixers, compatibility challenges, and boardroom shenanigans that kept viewers on their toes.

After a few failed attempts at romance, Dom and Georgia took a chance on love and ultimately took home the title of the Perfect Match and a week-long vacation to their destination of choice.

Out of the gate, Dom paired with Francesca Farago, and it looked like they were each other’s happily ever after. But Francesca pulled a move that shocked Dom and many viewers when she paired with her longtime friend, Damian Powers.

Although Dom expressed his love for Francesca, it was clear that she was moving on and pulled a similar move on Damian when she paired with Abbey Humphreys.

However, Dom finally found his person when he and Georgia paired up and discovered they were meant for each other after all.

So, are Dom and Georgia still an item?

Here’s what we know about Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati’s relationship status after Perfect Match

They follow each other on Instagram, which likely implies they’re at least friends following Perfect Match. Based on recent TikTok activity, it appears that Georgia has moved on with another Netflix reality TV star, Harry Jowsey, of Too Hot to Handle Season 1.

Harry has posted himself and Georgia on his TikTok, and vice versa. Reportedly, the duo hooked up in June 2022, a few months after Perfect Match was filmed. After a brief breakup, the fellow Aussies reconnected and are seemingly back together.



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Francesca Farago claimed Georgia broke up with Dom just days after filming ended

According to Marie Claire, Francesca Farago claimed on TikTok, “[Georgia] broke up with Dom like three days after filming.”

However, Georgia clapped back, “Not true at all. We finished filming in February. I met Harry on his podcast in April.”

Dom and Georgia spoke with about their time on the show. Dom told the outlet that his time on Perfect Match was “tough,” adding, “There was definitely a lot thrown at us, but I guess that’s just a testament to, as corny as it may sound, love.”

Georgia chimed in, noting that it wasn’t an easy process appearing on Perfect Match.

“It was a very difficult atmosphere, and we rose above every challenge that was thrown at us. It brought us together. It made us stronger,” Georgia added.

It looks as though Canadian native Dom and Australian native Georgia have, indeed, gone their separate ways, however.

“We’re on good terms, and there’s no bad blood there,” Dom noted. “If the future has something else in store, if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.”

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix.

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