Perfect Match: Are Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen still together?

Chloe and Shayne Netflix screenshots
Chloe and Shayne made it to the finale of Perfect Match, but are they still a couple? Pic credit: @Netflix/YouTube

Too Hot to Handle alum Chloe Veitch and Love Is Blind veteran Shayne Jansen looked like they had what it takes to be the Perfect Match, but are they still a couple?

Netflix’s popular new show, Perfect Match, put some of the hottest reality TV stars together in one house to see if they could match with their perfect partner.

*Spoiler alert: The remainder of this article reveals the winning couple from Season 1 of Perfect Match.

In the end, only one couple could walk away with the coveted title of the Perfect Match and earn themselves a week-long vacation to any destination they choose.

Chloe and Shayne had instant chemistry during their first date and immediately matched as a couple. However, Chloe tried her hand at love again with her ex, Mitchell Eason, when he entered the house, and Shayne didn’t have much luck elsewhere during her absence.

Ultimately, though, Chloe decided that she wanted to explore her relationship with Shayne more than she wanted to try and rekindle her romance with Mitchell, and the couple paired up once again.

After surviving some bumps in the road, it looked as though Chloe and Shayne were headed toward their happily ever after.

So, are they still together? Here’s what we know.

Are Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen from Perfect Match still dating?

Judging by their Instagram feeds, it’s hard to say. Chloe and Shayne likely have restrictions as far as what they can and can’t share online, but neither has shared any romantic photos of the two of them on IG.

However, Chloe may have revealed on TikTok that she and Shayne are no longer an item. In a video recorded earlier this week, Chloe recorded herself with her “PERFECT MATCH TEAM,” as stated in her caption.



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Chloe filmed herself with many of her castmates from Perfect Match, but Shayne wasn’t included in the video.

Another one of Shayne’s love interests, Natalie Lee, from Love Is Blind, recently shared a TikTok in which he was the topic. The TikTok featured Natalie, Chloe, and another of Shayne’s Perfect Match pairings, Ines Tazi. The ladies joked about sharing the same boyfriend in the video.

chloe veitch comments on natalie lee's tiktok about shayne jansen
Chloe comments on Natalie’s TikTok about Shayne. Pic credit: @natalieminalee/TikTok

Chloe hints that she and Shayne are no longer together

In the comments section, Chloe may have confirmed that she and Shayne are no longer together. Her comment read, “*No hate we love Shayne ❤️- we all just have one thing in common! ?.”

Although Chloe hasn’t explicitly stated whether she and Shayne are still a couple, she recently told that she hasn’t watched Perfect Match yet, and is dreading watching Shayne’s reaction after she decided to give it another go with Mitchell.

“I’m gonna see Shane hurting on the show when I watch it. So I’m probably gonna close my eyes for that. But (on a) competition dating show, these things happen,” Chloe said.

Who won Perfect Match?

The finale of Perfect Match just dropped this week on Netflix, and viewers learned that despite Chloe and Shayne’s onscreen chemistry, they weren’t voted the most compatible couple.

Chloe and Shayne were among several other couples, including Bartise Bowden and Izzy Fairthorne, Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow, Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati, and Nick Uhlenhuth and Lauren “LC” Chamblin, who made it to the finale as pairs.

The rest of their castmates were sent off to the boardroom to vote for the Perfect Match. Although Joey and Kariselle looked to have it in the bag — they were together from day one and got engaged, after all — they didn’t walk away as the winners.

After the rest of the cast voted, Dom and Georgia’s love story resonated with everyone more than the rest, and they were ultimately crowned the title of Perfect Match.

Perfect Match is currently streaming on Netflix.

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