Penelope calls out Scott Disick for dating younger women; fans call him ‘disgusting’

Scott Disick up close
Scott Disick is under fire for his dating choices. Pic credit: ©

Penelope Disick had some strong words for her dad regarding his dating life, and she’s not the only one.

In the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner visit Scott Disick to see how he’s doing after doing some physical therapy on his back.

Scott is up and moving around and admits that he isn’t dating anyone, something that Kris and Khloe then aspire to fix.

As Kris and Khloe begin to play matchmaker for Scott, Penelope walks in, and they ask her what she thinks.

Her requirement? That her dad date someone older.

Although Penelope does admit that she wants her dad to have a girlfriend, when Khloe says that Scott is interested in women in their 20s, Penelope replies, “No, 20s? You’re 40! You’re not going to date someone 19.”

“I would, but it’s not a good look,” Scott admitted — which got some viewers calling the reality star disgusting online.

Scott Disick is under fire for his dating choices

It didn’t take long for users to take to Reddit to tell Scott to “do better” after Penelope, 11, told him to stop dating girls so much younger than him.

One top comment on the forum simply read, “He’s disgusting.”

Someone agreed in a reply, noting, “Very. Once P hits 19, she’ll understand that her dad is a complete creep and loser.”

Another person quoted him, writing, “‘I would but it’s not a good look,'” before adding puking emojis.

Comments about Scott and Penelope on Reddit
Pic credit: u/Savings-Barber4695/Reddit

Still, others took the opportunity to praise Penelope for her behavior rather than focusing on how gross they thought Scott was.

Fans praise Penelope Disick for her behavior

While criticism for Scott poured in, others were very impressed by Penelope and her ability to be so mature and sweet for her age.

“‘I want him to have a girlfriend,'” one user quoted Penelope, adding, “Penelope probably sees Travis and Kourtney in love and wants that for her dad. She honestly seems like a great kid.”

Comments about Penelope
Pic credit: u/Savings-Barber4695/Reddit

“She’s very sweet, super smart and it’s obvious she leans into keeping things peaceful and happy…and funny,” another user commented.

Another pointed out a different side of things, writing, “This is actually really sad for her like she’s eleven but she probably thinks the people he wants to be with aren’t that much older than her self Nineteen is only 8 years older than her.”

Regardless of the state of the situation, it seems that fans are thrilled with Penelope on the show and perhaps would like to see more of Kourtney and Scott’s daughter.

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Hulu.

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