Pedro Jimeno shares ‘new goals’ selfie

Pedro Jimeno
Pedro Jimeno shared a new smiling selfie along with a positive caption. Pic credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno seems to be putting aside all the drama and negativity currently going on in his life right now and focusing on the positives.

The 31-year-old reality star has been going through a nasty divorce from Chantel Everett. The end of their pair’s marriage was captured on Season 4 of The Family Chantel, which wrapped up not long ago.

Viewers learned on Season 4 that Pedro launched a career in real estate and that he was fully dedicated to being successful.

Pedro appears to be carrying that positive mindset into his personal life, as he just posted a mirror selfie with some positive affirmations.

Pedro posed with a big smile for the bathroom selfie while wearing a beige turtle neck with a visibly flashy watch as his hand was tucked into his pocket.

In the caption, Pedro wrote, “New Monday New week New goals. 🔥Let’s go🔥.”

Chantel Everett recently shared her positive affirmations with 90 Day Fiance fans

While Pedro has been putting on an unbothered and personally determined front following news of his divorce, so has Chantel.

Chantel recently shared a selfie video in her nursing scrubs where she was dancing while letting fans know to “#Keep It Positive.”

Chantel’s positive affirmation post comes as she has been trying to show off that she has been living her best life since breaking up with Pedro.

Through vacation and bikini snaps, as well as happy content with her family, Chantel has been showing that she is moving on and trying to find happiness and support.

Why are Pedro and Chantel getting a divorce?

The Family Chantel viewers heard from both Pedro and Chantel in Season 4 about what was going so wrong in their marriage.

Pedro thought that Chantel was not being supportive of his real estate career, given all that he sacrificed while he was supporting Chantel while she was in nursing school.

He slammed Chantel as lazy, selfish, and only caring about her vacations.

On Chantel’s side, she thought Pedro had unresolved issues from finding out more about his dad on Season 3 of The Family Chantel. She felt that he had misplaced his anger.

Furthermore, Chantel felt like Pedro had already given up on their marriage and that nothing she could do to save it would be good enough.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.