Pedro Jimeno mocks his former mother-in-law ‘Karen’

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno Instagram selfie
Did Pedro Jimeno throw shade at Karen Everett? Pic credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram

Pedro Jimeno lost his wife and gained a sense of humor, and now Chantel Everett’s family is the butt of his jokes.

Pedro seemingly mocked his former mother-in-law Karen Everett on social media by cleverly throwing shade.

However, we were slick enough to catch it, and so did The Family Chantel fans who took to the comments to respond. Some people were amused by the joke, but others called Pedro “obsessed” for making fun of Karen.

Pedro never mentioned Karen in his video, but he shared a skit that showed actors mocking people who behave like “Karens.”

The name is often used as slang for middle-aged women who are too entitled or demanding–although that’s putting it nicely.

Nonetheless, Pedro has been taking digs at his former in-laws, and he better hope that Karen doesn’t see this one.

Pedro Jimeno takes a dig at his former mother-in-law Karen Everett with a funny video

Pedro shared a funny video with his 440,000 Instagram followers and while some people got the joke, others thought he crossed a line.

The clip showed three actors dressed in short blond wigs depicting Karens as they caused havoc in the neighborhood.

The voiceover sounded like an episode of Animal Planet, as the narrator noted, “The North American Karen a wild beast that’s dangerous alone but deadly in numbers.”

Since the clip referenced HOA (Home Owners Association) it seemed like a funny, real estate joke–since that’s Pedro’s career.

However, TLC fans felt it was much deeper than just a joke, and that Pedro was cheekily trying to mock Karen Everett.

The Family Chantel Fans have mixed feelings about Pedro Jimeno’s video

After sharing the video, people instantly assumed that he was referring to Karen Everett.

However, the responses were mixed, as some people liked the shade, and others were not amused.

“I can’t 😂 snap, if you’ve been watching Pedro and Chantel since day 1 then you remember all the Krazy things Karen did🙌,” responded one commenter.

“I kno you kno all about the Karen’s 😂😂 I swear this is how Chantel’s mom reacted when she met you. She the epitome of Karen’s,” said someone else.

Pedro Jimeno's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram

One commenter threw shade right back at Pedro and said, “I rather have Karen as a mother than urs! 😂.”

“Let it go bro,” said someone else. “Makes you look obsessive and stupid.”

Another person told him, “You’re obsessed.

The Family Chantel recently aired its fifth and final season on TLC.

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