Pedro Jimeno buys new house after divorce from Chantel Everett

The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno Instagram selfie
Pedro Jimeno buys a new home. Pic credit: @pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram

Pedro Jimeno sold the marital home he once shared with his now ex-wife Chantel Everett, but he now has a new place to lay his head.

His fancy new job as a real estate agent is paying off because Pedro has already purchased a bachelor pad for himself.

Pedro’s new home is large enough to accommodate his mom and sister and an extra guest if he so chooses.

Meanwhile, Season 5 of The Family Chantel just premiered and will mark the end of the love story between Pedro and Chantel, which has since turned sour.

We watched the beginning of the couple’s romance years ago, and last season the demise of their relationship played out for all to see.

The fifth and final season will show the bitter exes battling it out after filing for divorce and trying to divide their assets.

The duo owned a home together in Lawrenceville, Georgia, but have since sold the five-bedroom property and agreed to split the proceeds 50/50.

Pedro Jimeno buys a fancy bachelor pad after his divorce from Chantel Everett

Pedro Jimeno is living his best life now that he’s single again, and he recently made a major purchase after selling his marital home for $417,000 in March of this year.

InTouch confirmed that the 32-year-old is now the proud owner of a home in Jefferson, Georgia — after closing the deal in August.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom, ranch-style property was purchased for $275,000 and is 1,588 square feet on a large open lot.

The property was renovated in 2019 and has a new roof, along with a storage building as an added feature.

Meanwhile, we’ve been scouring Pedro’s social media pages for images of his fancy new digs but, so far, he hasn’t publicly posted anything regarding the new home.

90 Day Fiance star Pedro Jimeno says he wants to ‘heal himself’

Pedro spoke with the Associated Press before the premiere of The Family Chantel Season 5 and revealed where things stand with his ex-wife.

We already knew that things were not civil between the exes amid a messy divorce that involved restraining orders and accusations of adultery and domestic violence.

However, the Dominican Republic native confirmed in the interview that he and Chantel are “not on good terms.”

“Right now, we are not talking at all…” stated Pedro. “It’s much better like that because in the end, you know, I want to be separated from the family, and I want to heal myself.”

Season 5 of The Family Chantel airs Mondaya at 9/8c on TLC.

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Annie Perkins
Annie Perkins
7 months ago

You just wanted a green card so you could move your family to America you need to be deported back to

Annie Perkins
Annie Perkins
7 months ago

Deport him back to his home domican republic

6 months ago

Pedro owes his place in life to Chantel. He can cry all he wants bc it’s just an act. His sister looking for an American. His mom looking for an American. They knew Chantel’s family could see thru the plot and the plan. He did just what was planned. Marry an American. Green Card. Bring family to USA (Chantel was not having it so she had to go but only after he had his independence). He complained for no reason and there was nothing Chantel could do to keep her marriage together. Pedro, mom and sister are all wicked and he should be kicked out of America and they should never be allowed to become citizens…