Pastor Cal explains how the MAFS experts match strangers for the show

Married at First Sight expert, Pastor Cal discusses the match making process for the show.
Pastor Cal shares details on how the experts match couples for the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

The social experiment known as Married at First Sight has become a television phenomenon.

The show’s concept follows singles who agree to let a team of experts match them with a partner. Once paired, the couple will blindly get married, only meeting for the first time on their wedding day.

Pastor Calvin Roberson has been on the panel of experts since Season 4. He’s received some criticism over the years for the singles who have been paired together. As a new season begins, he’s sharing secrets about the matching-making process.

Pastor Cal shares the important question he asks all applicants

Season 15 of the Lifetime hit recently premiered. The previous season caused lots of controversy and accusations that the couples were poorly matched.

To clarify how couples are brought together, Pastor Cal spoke with In Touch about what goes into making the cut for being selected for the show.

Before going into the interview process, Pastor Cal says he presents applicants with a major question. He asks, “Are you ready to get married ‘today,’ or are you just looking to see if marriage is something you really want?”

He says, “The first question anyone must ask themselves is whether they are ready to drastically change their lives through a legally binding marriage.”

Since its premiere in 2014, the show has received over 80,000 applications. Pastor Cal acknowledged that many people struggle to find love and feel like they’ve exhausted all options. He also shared how that could impact their decision to cast someone.

He said, “A great number of people allow desperation to make their decisions for them. Just because you are desperate to be married, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to be married.”

How do the experts decide who gets married?

Before being selected, the team of experts put applicants through an extensive interview process. It includes questionnaires on their desires and needs, conversations about their dating history, and visits to individuals’ homes.

The experts attempt to get to know each applicant to understand their personalities, lifestyles, and goals for the future. They also want to ensure applicants have the right intentions for joining the show.

After being criticized for the number of failed marriages on the show, Pastor Cal says the experts work hard to “weed out pretenders” and select people who truly desire a healthy marriage. He added that it’s important for singles to do the work on themselves and discover what they truly want in life and a relationship before considering marriage.

Of the 54 couples who have been matched on the show, 13 remain married today. Between them, 10 children have been born. The show is currently airing its 15th season, with the 16th season set to premiere in January 2023.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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