Paola Mayfield tones her upper body in unique workout gear

Paola records IG Reel January 2023
Paola rocks a vibrant red hair color as she records herself from her car. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance OG Paola Mayfield left little to the imagination as she engaged in an outdoor workout.

Paola is dedicated to her fitness regime. As a personal trainer and professional wrestler, staying in shape is important to the Colombian-born beauty.

Paola is willing to squeeze in a workout, no matter the weather or how busy her schedule is — and apparently, it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing either.

To kick off the weekend, the newly-platinum blonde stunner recorded herself using her outdoor gym in the solarium of her new Florida home.

Paola opted for a unique outfit choice to break a sweat. Rather than her typical sports bra and biker shorts, Paola got to work in a barely-there, cheeky bikini.

Paola’s shapely physique was the highlight of the video. Her black, floral-printed two-piece accentuated her curves, and she paired it with some white athletic shoes.

90 Day Fiance alum Paola Mayfield dons a skimpy bikini for her latest workout

The TLC star secured her hair in a long braid over one shoulder and wore a trucker hat on top of her head.

Paola grabbed resistance bands with each of her arms before leaning forward on her tiptoes to get into position.

Putting a creative twist on push-ups, Paola used her resistance bands to slowly propel herself forward, using her own body weight to strengthen her core and her arms.

A Latin pop song played in the background, and as Paola finished her push-ups, she couldn’t help but bust a move. Paola channeled her inner Shakira and began to sway her hips as she smiled at the camera and continued to show off her dance moves before the video ended.

Paola is a big fan of incorporating dancing into her workout sessions. Just last week, she recorded herself during another outdoor workout and shimmied her hips mid-session as the song TQG by Karol G and Shakira played in the background.

Paola adheres to a plant-based diet as part of her healthy lifestyle

In addition to sticking to a strict exercise routine and cold plunges, Paola keeps her body toned and fit with a plant-based diet. On her Super Pao Fit Team Instagram page, Paola provides her followers with tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle.

Paola recommends drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, sleeping at least six to eight hours per night, avoiding processed foods and alcohol, relaxing, and keeping track of goals.

Paola is a fan of smoothies, soups, bowls of fresh fruit, salads, and superfood shots. One of Paola’s go-to shots contains celery, cucumbers, green apples, cilantro, and pears.

Another morning boost she shares with her fans is a shot containing carrots, oranges, and ginger to get her day started. Rather than consuming meat, Paola opts for vegan alternatives and often swaps out flour-based wraps for lettuce.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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