Paola Mayfield shows off ultra-fit body in sexy bikini, 90 Day Fiance fan reaction mixed

Paola Mayfield
Paola Mayfield shared a new picture that shows off just how hard she works on her body. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

Paola Mayfield is making sure that 90 Day Fiance fans don’t forget about her. As one Tell All ends amid countless TLC spinoffs, Paola and Russ haven’t been featured in a while, but her latest photo has definitely got our attention.

It’s certainly not the first time Paola has stripped down to nearly nothing to show off how hard she works to keep her body in tip-top shape. However, this latest picture is enough to make some people blush.

After all, the 90 Day Fiance star’s bikini is so small that you don’t see much in the photo aside from the strings.

Paola Mayfield’s smoking hot bikini photo

In the photo, Paola is donning a teeny bikini as she looks back at the camera. Her perfectly toned backside is on full display while she looks coyly.

The photo’s caption is written in Spanish and translates to, “The one that can and the one that cannot.” It’s part of a Confucious quote that says, “The man that says he can and the man that says he cannot are both right.”

Clearly, Paola is just letting us all know that if you want something bad enough, you can certainly achieve it just like how she achieved one of the best sets of buns in all of the 90 Day Fiance world.

Paola Mayfield in a teeny bikini
Paola Mayfield shows off her expertly chiseled backside. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance fans’ opinions on Paola are mixed

As with any 90 Day Fiance star, Paola Mayfield has some serious fans. In fact, she was the first cast member to reach 1 million followers on Instagram, even beating Darcey Silva and Loren Brovarnik to that magical number.

Likewise, she also has some serious haters, as evidenced by the comments on her latest photo. While there were plenty of commenters who clearly loved Paola’s bikini photo, there were just as many who thought she should cover up.

“You are married Paola and he loves you why exposing yourself like this , showing your husband treasure to the world,” one commenter wrote.

Another saw things differently, telling Paola, “You look amazing! So because you are a mother, you have to start dressing like a nun?? These comments. If you have worked hard for it, flaunt it! I’m on a health kick myself. Stunning!”

Yet another asked, “Is Russ over his insecurities with you posing in revealing clothes??”

Another commenter wrote, “Could you be any more perfect? ??This shows how your hard work and dedication pays off. ”

And even though 90 Day Fiance fans were clearly torn over whether Paola Mayfield’s bikini photo was appropriate or not, everyone seemed to be in agreement that she looks amazing.