Paola Mayfield is ‘too much to handle’ during intense workout

Paola Mayfield selfie September 2020
Paola looks gorgeous with platinum blonde hair for an outdoor selfie. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance OG Paola Mayfield is back on her fitness A-game and looked incredible as she channeled her inner Shakira during a recent workout.

Paola is back in the swing of things following her recent trip to her native country of Colombia.

As a certified personal trainer and professional wrestler, Paola is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Her latest Instagram share featured the striking beauty engaging in a grueling calorie-burning session in her Florida home’s solarium.

Paola didn’t let chilly temperatures deter her — despite the cooler weather in Florida, she still made time outdoors for a morning run and a weight-lifting session.

The former TLC star was clad in a black sports bra and gray sweatpants for the workout and wore a pink beanie on her head.

Paola Mayfield burns calories with an intense outdoor workout and some Shakira-inspired dance moves

Facing away from the camera, Paola used a 25-pound weight plate to work out her upper body while the song TQG by Karol G and Shakira played in the background.

At one point, Paola stopped her workout to show off her dance moves, emulating Shakira as she shimmied her hips to the song. The hit TQG is an acronym for “Te Quedo Grande,” which translates in English to “too much for you to handle.”

Paola didn’t waste too much time dancing, though, and quickly returned to complete her grueling workout.

“Little #sundayworkout,” Paola captioned her post, adding, “it was a freezing day! Running in the morning was a challenge, but it felt super good afterward ?.”

Although Paola was lenient with her workouts while visiting Colombia, she’s back at it full force. On her Super Pao Fit Team Instagram page, Paola shared another video from her workout over the weekend.

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90 Day Fiance alum Paola shares vegan recipes and her secret to toned glutes and abs

After working out her upper body, Paola got to work on her lower body, focusing on her abs and glutes. Paola performed crunches, transitioning into a standing position with holding a dumbbell to work her midsection.

The former reality TV star added some bent-over rows and squats to her routine to further firm her derriere.

In the caption, Paola noted, “After vacation, it is always hard to get back on track, but getting back to doing what I love makes me feel so much better. Not only physically but mentally.”

Despite how tough it is to get back on track after vacation, Paola certainly showed her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to staying active, Paola follows a plant-based, vegan diet.

Paola often shares recipe inspiration on her Super Pao Fit Team page. One dish that Paola enjoys for lunch includes salad, sweet plantains, and vegan meatballs.

The Colombian-born beauty often swaps meat for tofu, substitutes lettuce wraps for flour-based ones, and eats plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, all of which help her maintain her incredible physique.

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