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Paola Mayfield changed up her hair and says she wants to change her last name back

Paola Mayfield
Paola showed off her new hair and responded to a critic about changing her last name. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Paola Mayfield debuted her new dark hair on TikTok and also clapped back at a critic who questioned why she still has Russ’ last name.

Paola’s new jet-black long locks are a far cry from the fire engine red hair she has been sporting as part of her professional wrestling persona Paola Blaze.

Paola’s TikTok video also struck a nerve with her haters who commented on her breakup from Russ. Paola specifically addressed a comment from someone asking her why she still has Russ’ last name and she told them off.

Paola has received a lot of negative attention lately for her breakup from Russ and reactions to haters on Twitter. Conversely, she has been doing well in her wrestling career and is moving up the ranks in the industry.

Paola Mayfield shared her new hair and desire to change her last name on social media

Paola’s video displaying her new hair appears to also have some motive behind it. As a cover of the song “Thank you” by Dido played in the background, Paola looked around her car. The prompt for the video read, “When they called me a gold digger, but there was never gold to dig.”

The video got around 2,700 likes and almost 100 comments.

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  1. Of all of the couples/women on the show, Paola was my LEAST favorite. She has a narcisstic, self-serving attitude about her. She should have shown the same friendship to her husband as she showed to her male friends back in Columbia – and maybe he’d be more involved in their marriage. For her, it was getting to this country and launching her ‘modeling career.’

  2. Very self centred young lady. Much like Anfisa,Larissa,Natalie and on and on and on. Guys you are just a ticket to America for the majority of these girls. Paola’s modelling career didn’t work out so she turned to wrestling? Her need for attention is very sad.

  3. She never ever wanted him in first place..
    She was all about a her green card and herself..
    These men that go after these women spent as much time on these out of country women .And more time on women in there state or country,,,
    At least they would not get stuck with looking after them and all their family for the rest …


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