Paige Lorenze takes a shot at Tyler Cameron, says he used her

Paige Lorenze
Paige Lorenze speaks out against Tyler Cameron. Pic credit: @paigelorenze/Instagram

Bachelor fans were speculating on Tyler Cameron’s relationship with the model, Paige Lorenze, before they officially went public.

However, shortly after the announcement that the twosome was in fact a couple, the relationship seemed to end.

While Tyler revealed this piece of information during an interview, Paige seemed blindsided by the news.

However, now Paige herself is speaking out about Tyler and their relationship together, and it’s not all good.

While the pair seemed super into each other as they spoke about one another during interviews, and fans saw photos of them on social media, Paige has recently come out and said she’s not sure if it was all real.

She actually believes that it’s possible Tyler was using her as a publicity stunt and to get some time in the spotlight.

Paige Lorenze claims Tyler Cameron may have been using her

While Paige and Tyler confirmed their down-low relationship back in July, by August the newly-announced couple had already split.

As Paige seemed just as surprised and confused by Tyler’s announcement as Bachelor Nation was, she was recently on a podcast and revealed something to listeners.

Paige made a guest appearance, and did an interview, on the Sofia with an F podcast, where she claimed that she believes Tyler wanted to publicly announce their relationship so he would gain some attention from fans.

She then stated, “This might sound narcissistic because he has a pretty insane following but I felt like he was using me. He was looking at my [Instagram] Story views and I was getting more views than him and he was like ‘I need a scandal.’”

Paige went on to say, “I think he saw an opportunity – not that he didn’t like me – but I think that’s why he wanted to go public so fast.”

Paige Lorenze also discussed her past relationships

Also, Paige did reveal that, although she’s not happy about it, she does have some stuff in the media about her. A lot of that is revolved around her past relationships.

Prior to dating Tyler, Paige was linked to the country star, Morgan Wallen, who was in trouble for some racially insensitive things he said, and also another controversial figure, Armie Hammer.

Due to that, she feels that maybe Tyler saw an opportunity with her where he could get in the spotlight because of her past.

Tyler has had his own history of dating multiple women since being in the Bachelor franchise, and fans have even brought up the fact that he goes through women pretty quickly.

While some fans would love to see Tyler as the next Bachelor, others aren’t sure he’s truly ready to settle down due to his own past dating history.

For the whole podcast episode with Paige Lorenze on the Sofia with an F podcast, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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