Paedon Brown is heeding mom Christine Brown’s advice: ‘Just do the next right thing’

Paedon and Christine pose for a selfie during Oktoberfest in Utah. Pic credit: @paedonbrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown gives some great advice — just ask her son, Paedon.

Amid his mom’s split from his dad, Kody Brown, Paedon Brown has seemingly taken Christine’s side.

Paedon has criticized his father for his role in his and Christine’s divorce and has admitted that he and his dad don’t exactly have the best father-son relationship.

And, although he’s expressed that he isn’t thrilled about Christine “rushing into” her relationship with her fiance, David Woolley, Paedon has continually shown his support for his mom.

Such was the case in a recent TikTok, in which Paedon sang Christine’s praises for some advice that she’s given him over the years.

Paedon recorded himself this week, sharing a message with his followers about doing the “right thing,” as Christine has advised.


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“My mom Christine has said it multiple times that sometimes the best thing you can do is just the next right thing,” Paedon told his followers. “Take the next step; just do the next right thing.”

“And it’s hard, and I struggle sometimes, but I’ve tried to keep that going: simply do the next, right thing,” Paedon added. “Thanks, mom.”

Sister Wives viewers praise Christine Brown’s sound advice

Paedon’s video resonated with many of his TikTok followers, who headed to the comments to thank him and Christine for offering encouraging words as they struggled through some issues in their own lives.

“I love your momma, she is truly a wise woman 🥰,” wrote one of Christine’s fans.

paedon brown's tiktok comments
Paedon’s TikTok followers showed him and Christine support. Pic credit: @paedonbrrown/TikTok

Another TikToker commented, “Very true!” referring to Christine as a “Smart woman.”

“Good advice!” exclaimed another one of Paedon’s followers.

paedon brown's tiktok followers comment on his post about christine brown
More of Paedon’s followers gushed over Christine’s advice. Pic credit: @paedonbrrown/TikTok

“You got a good mom,” another confirmed.

Paedon Brown and his siblings are siding with mom Christine following her split from Kody Brown

Paedon, Kody and Christine’s only son, made an appearance this season on Sister Wives when he visited his mom in her new Utah home to celebrate Thanksgiving.

During his confessional interview, Paedon made it clear that he and most of his 17 siblings have taken Christine’s side following her divorce from Kody.

“My mom’s kids and Janelle’s kids have chosen a side. To the best of my knowledge, all of us chose my mom,” he confessed.

Paedon also discussed how polygamy no longer works for his supersized, once-plural family.

“When we first went public, the purpose of going public was to say, ‘Polygamy works.’ I don’t think it works in my family anymore.”

Paedon isn’t alone when it comes to the Brown family’s children saying “no” to polygamy for themselves.

As Christine explained during an interview with PEOPLE earlier this summer, her children are against polygamy after witnessing what it did to their family.

“They see how hard it is, and they’re like, ‘No, no, no, no, no. No, that’s not for me,'” Christine shared.

Sister Wives airs on Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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