Olivia Jade reveals which Dancing with the Stars pro ignored her Instagram DM

Olivia Jade from Dancing with the Stars
Olivia Jade from Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: @oliviajade/Instagram

Olivia Jade was on E! News Down in the DMs, and she revealed both a star she ignored who slid into her DMs and a Dancing with the Stars pro who left her on sent.

Olivia appeared on the video series and started by saying that most people either know her from Dancing with the Stars Season 30 or from her YouTube channel.

While most people know her from the College Admissions Scandal, her pro on DWTS, Val Chmerkovskiy, did everything he could to get people to forget about that and see her for very different reasons.

It worked as many people are now Olivia Jade fans, putting her infamous past behind her and letting her move on to the future.

In this video series by E! News, celebrities talk about people who slid into their DMs on Instagram, as well as who they tried to reach out to connect with as well.

However, one Dancing with the Stars pro ignored Olivia Jade when she slid into his DMs after her elimination from the competition.

Derek Hough didn’t respond to Olivia Jade after DWTS elimination

When Olivia Jade was on Dancing with the Stars, it wasn’t just Val who was shouting her praises.

The judges did their best to pump her up, and former pro, Derek Hough, was one of her biggest cheerleaders on the show.

However, when Olivia Jade left DWTS, she sent Derek a DM on Instagram, and he didn’t answer and mostly ghosted the young star.

“I DMd Derek Hough after I got eliminated, and he still hasn’t responded,” Olivia admitted.

Olivia wondered if Derek was mad because she walked off the stage after her elimination without saying anything, and the judges left before she could explain it was a misunderstanding.

The Instagram DM she sent Derek read, “I didn’t get a chance to say bye, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so kind this season. I was a fan before and a bigger fan now. So, nice to meet you! I’ll see you guys soon.”

Olivia Jade ignored a Harry Potter star who slid into her DMs

Olivia Jade said she reads her DMs too much, possibly up to five times a week. She also said she tries to respond to people’s questions but reads many of them.

She said that people are usually asking about her dog or fashion questions. She will then see the negative DMs and just cry and hold onto the negatives.

However, when she got one positive DM, she ignored it.

“I’m really sorry I’m gonna expose you, but I think you’re probably a really nice person,” Olivia said. “It was from Tom Felton.”

Felton played Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise and then had a big role in the rebooted Planet of the Apes movies.

“It’s a very nice DM,” Olivia said. “He just said ‘hello mate, dig your work’ and then put a snake emoji.”

The snake was Slytherin’s symbol, which Olivia Jade said she didn’t understand when she saw it.

“I haven’t seen Harry Potter movies, and so I didn’t get the joke,” Olivia said. “I didn’t respond, and now I’ve just exposed that I’ve seen it and didn’t respond, so that’s also rude of me.”

“I think most people would probably understand and be excited by it. I just need to watch more movies.” 

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus, and the show should return in late 2022 to ABC.

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