Olivia Jade on DWTS: Who she is and where you can find her on Instagram

Olivia Jade with her mom Lori Loughlin
Olivia Jade with her mom Lori Loughlin. Pic credit: ©

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 announced their new celebrity dancers on Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

Olivia Jade was one of the new cast members of the reality competition series.

Here is everything you need to know about Olivia Jade this season on DWTS.

Who is Olivia Jade on Dancing with the Stars Season 30?

Olivia Jade is a social media star who worked as an influencer, although she has seen that die down a little in recent years.

That is because she is best known to the general public as the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli and a big part of the College Admissions Scandal.

Olivia Jade received admission to USC and federal agents arrested her parents on fraud charges for their alleged involvement in the conspiracy.

This cost her several of her endorsement deals with companies like Sephora and Tresemme.

Olivia Jade told the press on Wednesday that her mother is almost more excited than she is about this opportunity on Dancing with the Stars.

“My mom’s been a huge support,” Olivia said. “She’s in total mom mode, like, ‘Make sure you take an Epsom salt bath.’ She’s trying to get me to take an ice bath! I’m like, ‘I don’t need an ice bath yet!’ My sister [Bella] has been telling me she wants to come to every single show.”

She also said that she hopes to use this as a chance to get herself back out there and try some new things, maybe repair the damage to her image.

“I think it’s such an incredible opportunity. I’m ready to put myself back out there and try new things,” Olivia said. “I’m really excited to challenge myself and put myself outside my comfort zone, which I don’t do often. So, it just all happened, and I’m just letting the universe take over and see what happens and living it day by day.”

How can you follow Olivia Jade on Instagram?

You can follow Olivia Jade on Instagram at @oliviajade.

While she is a social media influencer, Olivia Jade has not posted anything about joining Dancing with the Stars on her Instagram page yet and her last post was a week before the announcement.

She also hasn’t created a YouTube video on her page in two weeks and it’s been five days since her last TikTok video.

Olivia Jade has over 1.3 million Instagram followers. That number will surely help as the votes start to come in after she begins her journey on Dancing with the Stars Season 30.

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, at 8/7c on ABC.

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