Olivia Culpo and her sisters sparkle in matching outfits

Olivia Culpo close up
Olivia Culpo twinned with her sisters Aurora and Sophia in a sparkling crop top and matching miniskirt. Pic credit: © Callahan/ACE Pictures

Olivia Culpo may be known as the former Miss Universe, but since winning the pageant in 2012, she has carved out a career for herself as an influencer who has amassed over 5 million followers on Instagram alone.

She and her sisters, Aurora and Sophia, recently starred in their new TLC reality series, The Culpo Sisters, and the 2-hour season finale will premiere tonight.

The dramatic trio has allowed cameras to delve into their private lives, with their careers, love lives, and family lives being spotlighted for the world to see. Since the premiere, it’s not only Olivia who is popular, but her sisters are also making a name for themselves.

The Culpo Sisters stars were featured in People Magazine’s Style Watch, which featured a video of them showing off their glittering style in matching outfits that were most definitely eye-catching.

Olivia was seen in the tiniest of the ensembles, wearing a glittering bra top that featured spaghetti straps and a bodice that hung loosely on her chest. She paired it with a matching high-waisted miniskirt that emphasized her petite frame and toned abs. She kept her hair super chic in a tight bun, and her makeup was glamorous as usual with berry pink lipstick.

Olivia spun in a circle and looked over her shoulder in a flirty gesture, looking like the most confident of the sisters.

Of course, Sophia and Aurora were there, too, matching Olivia in glittering silver outfits. Aurora was seen in a glittering strapless top with furry white pants and platform heels, while Sophia wore the same glittering pattern in a strapless minidress.

The Culpo Sisters’ 2-hour season finale will premiere on TLC

Olivia shared the trailer for the tense season finale of The Culpo Sisters, which saw tensions between her and her sister Sophia come to a boiling point.

Throughout the season, Olivia and Sophia have been butting heads. Things got especially bad during a birthday dinner for their sister Aurora which saw Sophia complaining about her manager passing on projects or collaborations if she didn’t agree to them within 24 hours.

While Olivia tried to reason with her, she became angry and replied, “And you’re like, I wasn’t like that at your age because I was too perfect.” It appears there is a lot of jealousy coming from Sophia, which isn’t surprising considering Olivia became Miss USA and later Miss Universe at her age.

Unfortunately, tensions can be high when sisters are so close in age, though the Culpos aren’t quite at Kardashian-level drama just yet.

Olivia Culpo recently attended an event for Dolce & Gabbana fragrances

Making sure she doesn’t lose her influencer status, Olivia recently attended a Dolce & Gabbana event where they advertised their recent perfumes.

Olivia showed off her fashion credentials in a pair of black leggings with a matching bra top and a mesh dress on top that featured unique shoulder pads.

She sat at a table with bottles of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue on a tray, and it’s likely she gave herself a small spray.

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