Olajuwon Dickerson claps back at Katina Goode and says they had an open relationship after divorce

MAFS star Olajuwon Dickerson
Olajuwon Dickerson claps back at cheating claims. Pic credit: Lifetime

The cheating drama between Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode is heating up as more information has been revealed.

Olajuwon is clapping back at claims he’s a cheater after Katina put him on blast along with his alleged mistress.

There’s much more to the story than we knew, and the 31-year-old is spilling the tea on the messy relationship with his ex-wife.

The Married at First Sight couple has been divorced for quite some time, but they still had a secret entanglement.

The pair have kept their romance off social media, that is, until recently when Katina posted a roundup of her 2023 adventures, which included a PDA-filled photo with Olajuwon.

People were pleasantly surprised to see that the pair were trying to make their relationship work, but mere hours later, Katina slammed him for carrying on a years-long affair with another woman.

Olajuwon Dickerson had an entanglement with Katina Goode after their divorce

Olajuwon is not going down as the cheater Katina has painted him to be, as he posted a lengthy Instagram message explaining their complicated relationship.

Monsters and Critics reported on the couple’s split in November 2022 after they posted a joint statement about ending their marriage after one year.

Olajuwon revealed that he and Katina have been legally divorced for two years but kept the information private to respect his ex-wife’s request. However, the pair never publicly gave an update about the status of their divorce.

We’ve now learned that the divorce has been official for quite some time, but Olajuwon said they were still involved with each other “with the understanding that we can both see other people.”

“I won’t get nasty or start showing messages about our agreement or conversation stating we can deal with others if we decide to,” he wrote.

Olajuwon Dickerson Instagram Story
Olajuwon Dickerson responds to cheating claims. Pic credit: @od_fitness101/Instagram

MAFS star Olajuwon Dickerson declares that he’s ‘single’ after being blasted as a cheater

Whatever was going on between Olajuwon and Katina is officially over now, as he made that clear in the Instagram post and wished his ex-wife the best.

“Life has taken us down different paths and our time is over,” said Olajuwon. “I live with no regrets and appreciate the time spent!”


As for the woman Katina blasted in her post as Olajuwon’s mistress, she has yet to speak out on the drama, and Olajuwon did not mention her in his response.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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