Noi Phommasak in floral outfit enjoys adventurous birthday outing

Noi Phommasak celebrated her 35th birthday with an adventurous trip.
Noi Phommasak shares pics from her birthday trip. Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Noi Phommasak celebrated her birthday by booking a trip of a lifetime for herself.

The Married at First Sight star recently turned 35 and decided to usher in a new year of life by flying across the globe.

During her time on the show, Noi talked about the importance of being financially secure in her marriage so that she could check off boxes on her travel bucket list.

It seems that despite her pending divorce, Noi is still focused on her goal of visiting as many countries as possible.

Noi shared pieces of her adventure on social media. Wearing a blue floral mini dress with a soft pink bikini top underneath, she prepared her followers for the big reveal on where she would celebrate her birthday.

Portugal was the destination and Noi appeared to have a great time taking in the views and embracing the scenery.

Noi Phommasak celebrated her birthday with a major trip.
Noi Phommasak planned a big trip for her birthday. Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Noi Phommasak spends her birthday in Portugal

While exploring everything the country has to offer, Noi was sure to take time out to share pieces of her trip with her followers.

She posted a pic of herself visiting a natural park called Ribeiro dos Caldeiroes. The park is complete with walking trails, streams, and a stunning waterfall which became the backdrop to Noi’s photo.

Noi Phommasak celebrated her 35th birthday in Portugal.
Noi Phommasak celebrated her birthday in Portugal. Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Noi also shared a video where she is seen exploring The Azores, which are Portuguese islands filled with over-the-top landscaping, beautiful flowers, and water features.

While showing off bits of her adventures, Noi seemed to be forever changed by her visit to Portugal. She even stated that her trip was “magical.”

Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy have called it quits

After a rocky relationship during Season 14 of MAFS, Noi and Steve agreed to stay married and work on their relationship. Unfortunately, months after the reunion show aired, the two announced their separation.

News of their divorce quickly got messy as both parties began to reveal their reasons for the split. While Steve claimed it was a mutual decision, Noi revealed she pleaded for him to stay in the marriage to try fixing things.

For a while, the duo went back and forth online revealing pieces of their relationship to the public that had previously gone unknown. Eventually, they appeared to have come to a resolution with one another and no longer publicly discuss the details of their marriage or separation.

Since the news broke, Noi has been focused on herself. She grieved the loss of her beloved dog, Sushi, while also throwing herself into her career. She is spending more time with her loved ones and has revealed she is seeking happiness and looks forward to her future.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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