Noi Phommasak claps back at MAFS viewer who called her ‘corny’ and ‘wack’

MAFS star Noi Phommasak Instagram selfie
Noi Phommasak claps back at MAFS critic. Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Married at First Sight is now in its 17th Season, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the antics of the prior cast members.

Noi Phommasak was recently reminded of that when an upset viewer called her out on social media.

The MAFS fan must have just watched Noi’s season, which is now streaming on Netflix, because he reprimanded the 36-year-old for her “corny” behavior on the show.

Furthermore, he must have gone down the rabbit hole and seen the aftermath of her split from Steve Moy because he scolded her for that, too.

Meanwhile, Noi was minding her business and sharing skincare tips online when an Instagram user sent her an unrelated message.

You’ll remember that Noi and Steve were matched in Season 14 and appeared to be a good fit in the early stages.

However, things started to go downhill when Steve’s finances didn’t quite add up for Noi. The pair attempted to work on their issues and opted to stay married on Decision Day.

They stuck with it for a year but eventually called it quits, but the split was not amicable.

Steve and Noi have since moved on with their lives, but new people are watching their story and airing their opinions about it.

Noi Phommasak gets called out for her ‘corny’ and ‘wack’ behavior on MAFS

Noi shared some helpful hacks for acne-prone skin in a video on Instagram, but one MAFS fan wasn’t there for the skincare tips.

Instead, he wanted to talk about the show and, more specifically, Noi’s behavior during the season and after her split from Steve.

“No lie tho u corny on that married at first sight .. @hello_noizy 🤷🏻‍♂️ and u wrong for posting ur s**t on Facebook.. thas whack!!!!” wrote the Instagram commenter.

Meanwhile, Noi, who dealt with brutal backlash during her season, didn’t take the criticism too seriously.

She responded to the critic with a funny clapback, correcting him on an error in his post.

“@reefthebarber first of all… it was Instagram 🤣,” said Noi, referring to the time she aired her and Steve’s marital drama online.

“@hello_noizy yea that part … 💯💯 wack,” retorted the critic.

MAFS viewer slams Noi Phommasak
Pic credit: @hello_noizy/Instagram

Noi Phommasak is single again after her split from her new beau

We shared an update on Steve and Noi in the summer of 2023, but things have changed since then.

Noi was dating a new man after her divorce, but she has deleted all traces of him on Instagram, hinting that the romance has ended.

The MAFS star seems happy nonetheless and has kept her followers updated with photos and videos of her adventures.

She’s also become somewhat of an influencer, posting fashion reels, skincare and makeup tips, hacks, and tools on Instagram.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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