Noella Bergener gives divorce update, says James is trying to ‘torture’ her with delays

Noella Bergener in a confessional for RHOC
Noella Bergener talks about her divorce in an RHOC confessional Pic credit: Bravo

The drama surrounding the divorce of RHOC newbie Noelle Bergener and estranged husband “Sweet James” Bergener is heating up.

According to Noella, James is trying to delay the divorce, and she feels she is being tortured by her partner of five years. She feels James is using his power and control to micromanage their divorce, which was filed in Puerto Rico in August 2021, as Bravo began filming Noella for Season 16.

Noella explained that she and James had come to an agreement in September, then all communication ceased, which delayed the legal process.

Noella and James have both made shocking claims against each other

When Noella found out her husband had filed for divorce, she said it was because of financial issues. “We had been arguing since I found out of his tax debts through gossip sites 3 weeks prior and was confused with his push back to selling our vacation home to cover them,” she shared on Instagram.

She found it no coincidence that after finding this out, she was served with divorce papers with a flower delivery.

She says that after that, James cut her off financially – leaving her with no money for even rent on their home, groceries, or the therapy needed for their son, James, who is autistic. Noella claims she is still financially cut off unless she signs a document saying she lied about James, his business partner, and his brand.

Noella has also claimed that “Sweet” James has not seen his son for six months. She has full physical custody of their two-year-old son and her daughter Coco from a previous marriage.

James has his own reasons for wanting to end his one-year marriage to Noella. He claims she is fame-obsessed and would stop at nothing to become a cast member of the hit Bravo show, including renting a 10,000 square foot home in Orange County. He states she has become a different person, one he no longer recognizes. He does not want their son to be shown on the show for fame and ratings.

James defends himself by saying, “I have not abandoned [my son]. Since separating from Noella, I’ve paid nearly $100,000 in housing. I’ve paid over $50,000 in household goods and supplies for him. Over $15,000 in child care and therapy. I continue to support my son and always will.”

Noella’s marriage is a main storyline on the new season of RHOC

Viewers had no idea that Noella would be so open on social media, so when the season started to air, they were already invested in her conflict with James.

Fans love to see how unfiltered Noella is with her castmates, but she is having trouble gaining sympathy from the other women. She is feuding with Dr. Jen Armstrong and Heather Dubrow, and got a pity invite to a trip to Mexico hosted by Dubrow.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how the messy divorce plays out.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo

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