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Noah Thompson reveals his biggest dream after American Idol win

Noah Thompson on American Idol
Noah Thompson on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

When Noah Thompson won American Idol’s 20th season, many fans wondered if he could create a career out of the win.

Noah seemed to always feel out of place on the show and when he won he said he just wanted to go back home. He also said that he was considering quitting during the competition to return to his girlfriend and child.

However, Noah stuck it out and ended up winning American Idol.

With the win, Noah is finally talking about setting out to make his dreams come true and he has two new goals to add to his dream list.

Noah Thompson talks future goals

When Noah Thompson performed his original song on American Idol, he was unlike the other singers on the show. The rest of the original artists wrote their own songs, but Noah chose a song written by someone else to perform.

Noah has since said he wants to try writing his own songs, although he admitted he wasn’t the best songwriter out there.

With that said, he has two big goals that could help him with this one downfall of his talent.

In an interview with Music Mayhem Magazine, Noah said that he wants to move to Nashville one day and then eventually sing at the Grand Ole Opry. This is big for Noah, who said he feels most comfortable in his small-town home of Lawrence County, Kentucky.

“[HunterGirl]  really wants me to move to Nashville,” Noah said. “I definitely took that into consideration because that’s where country music is, right there. It’s definitely a thought. I’m so used to my little hometown though, it’s almost going to be hard to leave.”

“But to do this, what I’m wanting to, what I’m shooting for, that’s the risk you got to take.”

Even if he stays in Kentucky, he has one big dream that involves the country music capital of the world.

“[The Grand Ole Opry is] the place I want to play. That’s the stage I want to stand on one day, no doubt,” Noah said. “That’s that’s the one I’m shooting for.”

Noah Thompson on almost quitting American Idol

Noah Thompson admitted that he almost quit American Idol because he just wanted to go back home so bad.

However, his reasons should not stop him from chasing his dreams now. He wanted to go home because his son is one, and he was missing all the first-time moments along the way.

When and if Noah goes to Nashville, he can take his girlfriend and son with him. That is when American Idol fans can see if Noah will fulfill the goals that he set for himself in the country music industry.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return in 2023 to ABC.

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