Noah Erb teases having a lot of ‘tea’ leading up to the Bachelor in Paradise finale

Noah Erb smiles
Noah Erb claims to know some juicy details about the Bachelor in Paradise conclusion. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 finale is sure to be filled with love and engagements, as well as a whole lot of tears and drama. 

After having his own ups and downs on the beach, Noah Erb has recently shared a post teasing all the tea that we might be in for when the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 finale airs. 

Noah Erb presumably has some hot tea to spill 

The penultimate episode of Bachelor in Paradise suggested that there is trouble in paradise for Noah and Abigail, who had previously been considered one of the strongest couples on the island. 

The finale could be the end of the road for Noah and Abigail’s relationship or perhaps they could rekindle the spark they had when they first arrived in paradise and even surprisingly get engaged. 

Considering, Noah Erb already knows the fate of his relationship with Abigail and possibly the fate of other cast mates’ relationships, he took to Instagram to playfully tease about all the tea he could spill. 

In the post, Noah stands on a lawn and smiles while holding two cups in his hands. Noah captioned the photo, “Having more tea than I know what to do with” and included the shifty eyes emoji as well as the piping teacup emoji.

Noah’s curious post caught the attention of Bachelor in Paradise fans as well as stars within The Bachelor franchise, including Abigail Heringer. 

Many are eager to know what tea Noah has to spill, especially if it has to do with Abigail being caught in the middle of the drama and rumors surrounding Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s split. 

Some have speculated that Dale and Abigail had a romantic connection and, with Noah and Abigail’s relationship seemingly on the rocks in paradise, perhaps Noah knows more than he’s letting on about the Dale and Abigail drama.

Either way, Bachelor Nation is eager to finally get all the Bachelor in Paradise tea in the finale. 

Noah Erb has been tight-lipped about past BIP drama 

While many are pushing Noah to reveal all the juicy details he knows about Bachelor in Paradise, Noah doesn’t seem to be one to kiss and tell. 

Last episode, Noah’s good friend and roommate, Ivan Hall came under fire for sneaking out of his hotel room to meet up with Alexa Caves. 

Noah made a humorous video suggesting he knew all about Ivan’s plan to sneak out of the hotel and was willing to “lie to the whole beach” in order to protect Ivan. 

So it’s likely Noah won’t spoil any drama ahead of time, and we’ll just have to tune in to tonight’s finale to finally learn everyone’s fate. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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