Noah Erb explains why he’s making Instagram videos from a mattress on the floor

Noah Erb
Noah Erb explains his living situation and work schedule. Pic credit: ABC

Noah Erb may be known for his eccentric style and playful personality, but he actually has a rather taxing job in the medical field. 

Recently, Noah made a video of his minimalist living situation while he works long hours as a nurse, and he seems to be missing his loved ones due to his strenuous schedule. 

Noah Erb explains why his room is so bare 

An active social media user, Noah often documents the sweet and fun moments he has with Bachelor in Paradise girlfriend Abigail Heringer. 

Noah took a break from those more romantic posts to share a video that he filmed of himself lip-syncing to the song Careless Whisper But It’s Only The Last Part by Eduardo XD, Rising6, and mrs.tissue. 

The video stood out as Noah rocked a unique ponytail while laying shirtless on a mattress on the floor. 

Along with the video, Noah’s caption read, “When you work night shift so you have to say goodbye forever to your loved ones, family, and everyone else you’ve ever been in contact with.” 

In the comment section, Noah seemed to know that people would have comments and questions about why his mattress was on the floor in a mostly bare room, and he further explained his situation. 

Noah commented under the post, “Going to get ahead of everyone and say I’ve been working quite a bit since I moved here…the bed and other furniture is coming.” 

Noah Erb comment
Pic credit: @noah_erb

Abigail Heringer gushes about how proud she is of Noah and his line of work 

While Noah’s job keeps him extra busy and away from loved ones, it seems girlfriend Abigail Heringer doesn’t mind and is proud of Noah’s passion and meaningful line of work. 

Abigail shared a series of glossy shots from her photoshoot with Noah and praised him in the caption, writing, “Today is your first day back to nursing and I’m so effing proud of you!! Your passion & dedication for helping others in need is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with you and continue to admire you everyday.” 

Abigail didn’t just stop at appreciating Noah. Her caption proceeded to thank others in his field as well. 

Abigail wrote, “I also want to say a HUGE thank you to all the frontline healthcare workers that work tirelessly day & night – you are the real heroes.” 

As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic, Noah’s hard work and passion are certainly appreciated, and his amusing videos are enjoyed as well.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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