Nikki Exotika denies dating an underaged Justin plus here’s why she’s leaving social media

90 Day Fiance star Nikki Exotika screenshot
Nikki Exotika needs a break from social media. Pic credit: TLC

Nikki Exotika recently announced that she’s taking a break from social media amid ongoing hate and death threats, but she had one thing to clear up first.

The 90 Day Fiance newbie shared a photo of her driver’s license amid claims that when she first dated Justin — formerly Igor — he was a teenager.

Honestly, we were all trying to do the math when the couple opened up about meeting each other 17 years ago but called it quits on their romance.

It seemed Justin would have been 19 when Nikki first met her beau on a Moldovian dating website.

However, Nikki wants us to know that Justin was not a teen when they started their romance.

That is just one of the many criticisms she has faced since her debut on the popular TLC show, and we’re only a few episodes into Season 10.

However, it’s already too much for the reality TV newbie, and now she’s stepping away from social media until the backlash against her dies down.

Nikki Exotika shares her ID to prove her age

People have been bashing Nikki for initially dating a very young Justin when she was much older, but despite the age gap, the 47-year-old claimed that the Moldovan native was not a teenager.

She posted a screenshot of her New Jersey driver’s license on her Instagram Story to prove her age and wrote, “You internet trolls are really funny.”

Nikki noted that her real date of birth is 01/27/76 and that her real age is 47.

” Again…I met my love he was 20 I was 30!!! Stop with the false narratives.”

Nikki Exotika Instagram Story
Nikki Exotika’s driver’s license. Pic credit: @nikkiexotika/Instagram

Nikki Exotika is taking a break from social media amid death threats from 90 Day Fiance fans

The 90 Day Fiance star has been dealing with hate and backlash since she joined the show and now she wants a break from social media.

In a recent post, the newly minted reality TV personality noted that the hateful comments are too much to handle and that her publicist will be managing her page going forward.

“I’ve been getting so many death threats and people telling me to k%ll myself,” she wrote. “I’ve never in my life experienced this amount of online trans hate and cyberbullying on a massive level.”

Nikki Exotika Instagram Story
Nikki Exotika is leaving social media. Pic credit: @nikkiexotika/Instagram

Nikki noted in the post that her “mental health is drained,” and that she’s “depressed” and has so much anxiety she just wants to stay in bed.

“I’m just taking a break from social media,” she told her Instagram followers. My heart can’t take anymore pain.”

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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