Nicole Woley says she got the ‘last good man’ on MAFS as she raves about husband Chris

MAFS couple Nicole Woley and Chris Thielk
Nicole Woley raves about husband Chris Thielk. Pic credit: Lifetime

Nicole Woley might be on to something with her recent proclamation about her husband, Chris Thielk.

The Married at First Sight Season 16 star called him the “last good man” on the series, and based on how things are going, it’s hard to argue that point.

Nicole knows all too well about the dismal season playing out right now because she’s been tuning in and commenting on the couples.

A few weeks ago, she was hopeful that the matches would end happily ever after, but she’s probably changing her tune by now.

There’s already been a runaway bride who didn’t even make it down the aisle, a Jekyll and Hyde groom who just confessed he wasn’t attracted to his wife, and one couple has already called it quits.

Yes, a lot is going on in Season 17, and it’s not looking good for any of the matches, but luckily for this MAFS alum, she doesn’t have those issues.

Nicole raved about her husband in a recent post after he gave her a thoughtful shoutout on social media while they were apart.

Nicole Woley says she got the ‘last good man’ on MAFS

Nicole and Chris are still going strong and still in their honeymoon phase.

The adorable duo celebrated their first wedding anniversary on October 1, after meeting as strangers and tying the knot on the Lifetime series.

The happily married pair constantly shows love to each other on social media, especially when they’re apart.

Most recently, Chris was in LA and missing his wife, so he shared a cute photo of them in an Instagram Story and expressed his appreciation.

“Crazy how I’m across the country from my wife being out in LA while she’s in New York but I love her dearly and appreciate her,” he said while tagging her in the post. “Excited to get home to her tomorrow.”

Nicole was flattered by the sweet gesture, and she reshared the post and gave him some love in return.

“I think I got the last good man in the MAFS arsenal. They just don’t make them like my honey! ❤️,” wrote the 36-year-old.

MAFS star Nicole Woley's Instagram Story.
Nicole Woley raves over her husband. Pic credit: @nicoley_woley/Instagram

Nicole Woley and Chris Thielk will spend the first Christmas in their new home

Nicole and Chris have been making significant strides in their marriage, and one proud accomplishment was purchasing their first home together.

The MAFS couple and their three dogs have been enjoying the stunning Nashville property, and with the holidays approaching, they have something special to celebrate.

This year will mark their first Christmas in the new home, so they started a new tradition.

Nicole showed off a special holiday ornament on their tree, which read, “First Christmas in our new home Chris & Nicole 2023.”

Nicole told her followers they are “planning to get an ornament to mark a milestone every year.”

MAFS star Nicole Woley Instagram Story.
Nicole Woley’s Christmas ornament. Pic credit: @nicoley_woley/Instagram

“I wonder what next year’s ornament will be!” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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