Nicole Jimeno responds to 90 Day Fiance rumors that she is Pedro Jimeno’s wife, not his sister

Nicole Jimeno on 90 Day Fiance
Are Pedro and Nicole brother and sister or husband and wife? Pic credit: TLC

One of the weirdest and most pervasive rumors to plague the 90 Day Fiance cast has got to be the constant speculation about Pedro Jimeno’s relationship with his sister Nicole.

While Pedro and Chantel continue to struggle over his unending support of his mom and sister, some believe that she may not be his sister at all.

Instead, some 90 Day Fiance viewers find Pedro’s allegiance to his sister despite her very bad behavior so suspect that they think she might actually be his wife.

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For years now, fans of the TLC show have watched Pedro and Chantel, wondering how they could possibly still be married. Even Chantel’s family believes the marriage was set up by his mom and sister so that Pedro could benefit from a U.S. lifestyle and wages.

And while he has been sending a lot of money back home to the Dominican Republic, that doesn’t necessarily mean he has been trying to undermine his wife.

Of course, these rumors didn’t just start all on their own. It was Chantel’s parents who made the suggestion that something wasn’t right between Pedro and Nicole.

After all, when she came to visit, he even offered to spring for a hotel room and stay with her in it, leaving Chantel to fend for herself.

“Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend. It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is,” Karen said in a previous season.

Now, Nicole Jimeno is speaking out about those rumors that just won’t go away during a recent Q&A on Instagram.

One fan asked her, “Por que todos decían que eras la esposa de Pedro?” which translates to, “Why did everyone say you were Pedro’s wife?”

“That’s something I do not understand. People are very crazy and really, when those comments came up, I felt extremely wrong,” Nicole answered.

Pedro’s relationship with his mother and sister isn’t unusual for a family from the Dominican Republic. While it’s not something many Americans are used to, it’s normal for a Dominican son to take care of his mom and sister.

And while this crazy 90 Day Fiance rumor is kind of funny, it’s also worth noting that Pedro and Nicole definitely look like brother and sister. Does anyone actually believe that she might be his wife?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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