Nicole and Azan not planning to marry or return to 90 Day Fiance

Nicole Nafziger on Happily Ever After
Nicole Nafziger isn’t planning a wedding anymore. Pic credit: TLC

Could this be the end of the line for Nicole and Azan? The pair isn’t filming for any of the 90 Day Fiance spinoffs and a new report claims they aren’t planning a wedding anymore either.

Radar Online is reporting that there has been trouble in paradise recently for Nicole and Azan and it wouldn’t be too surprising if the pair end up splitting up for good.

“They have no plans for a wedding,” claimed a Radar Online source. “He can’t get a visa. She’s talked about going back to Morocco, but she doesn’t have money. She has to save.”

Last time we saw Nicole Nafziger on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, she was trying to get Azan to meet her in Grenada for a little vacation together. It all fell apart at the last minute and TLC viewers never did get a full explanation about what happened.

The last time Nicole shared a photo of Azan on Instagram was August 31. She noted that they had been together for four years at that point. The last photo of Nicole posted to Azan’s account happened in 2017.

We were also told they were planning to get married over the summer. However, summer has come and gone with no wedding in sight. Now it looks like there isn’t even a date set or plans being made.

It’s been quite some time now since Nicole and Azan have even seen each other in person, and, according to Radar, they are coming up on two years without a visit. Making matters worse, there are claims that the pair is having trouble getting along lately too.

“They still talk occasionally, but there have been a lot of fights between them on the phone,” the Radar Online source claims.

As for the reason that they aren’t appearing anymore on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? It was claimed that Nicole decided not to film anymore because she and Azan are tired of all the attention and harassment that they have received since joining the 90 Day Fiance family.

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