Nick Viall speaks out about his recent criticism of Madison Prewett, claims he doesn’t hate her

Nick Viall
Nick Viall speaks out about Madison Prewett. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Nick Viall is speaking out after he made some controversial statements on his podcast, The Viall Files.

It’s no secret that Nick is an outspoken man, and he has no problem sharing his opinions about contestants in the Bachelor franchise.

After this past season of The Bachelor, Nick has taken particular aim at Madison Prewett. He finds that she’s particular about her values but then does something he doesn’t agree with.

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He took aim at her this past week, and now, fans are asking him to clarify what his problem is with her.

Nick Viall clarifies his criticism of Madison Prewett

As it turns out, Nick was hosting a Q&A on his Instagram Stories, and here, he was asked why he hated Madison so much to constantly make her look bad.

The person asking the question pointed out that Nick doesn’t even know Madison personally.

Nick Viall
Nick Viall claims he doesn’t hate Madison. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

In his reply, Nick revealed that he doesn’t hate Madison.

Instead, he explains that he has disagreed with some of the decisions that she made public.

He then adds that he only comments and gives his opinion on things that she put out there, but not about anything personal or private that she doesn’t want to be exposed.

Even though Nick has been slammed by Bachelor fans over being aggressive with his take on Madison, he added that conversation and disagreements are healthy and should be encouraged.

Nick Viall recently called out Madison over fake fan account

It was only about a week ago that Nick went to town on Madison on his podcast, revealing that she had been caught commenting on her own Instagram photo.

The comment looked like something a fan would write, making Nick assume that she had made a fake fan account. She only got caught because she forgot to switch accounts.

Madison has also been outspoken about Peter wanting to get back with her.

She claims that Peter texted her two days before being spotted in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan, begging her to get back together with her because he loved her.

That was in late March.

Just a few weeks prior, Madison and Peter had been on stage at The Bachelor finale, where they discussed their relationship and whether they would pursue a romance.

Two days later, they confirmed they were not giving their romance a shot.

This weekend, Peter and Kelley made their romance official.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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