Nick Viall is addicted to Wordle now thanks to Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins and Nick Viall
Good buds and Bachelor Nation alums, Ben Higgins and Nick Viall hang out together. Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

Nick Viall has fellow The Bachelor alum Ben Higgins to thank for his latest addiction: the hottest word-game trend on the internet, Wordle.

Nick and Ben go way back, with Nick even attending Ben’s recent wedding as he married New Zealand model Jessica Clarke recently.

It seems that they share more than just a casual friendship and now, they’ll have a little friendly competition too.

Nick Viall shares his new addiction

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, or just in the know, period, you have heard of the addicting game Wordle. Apparently, Nick Viall wasn’t up to date, or in the know, but soon found out about Wordle from fellow pal and Bachelor Nation alum, Ben Higgins.

Now, Nick can never go back; he will much likely be addicted, as most of our nation currently is with this trending, new sensation taking over social media and the lives of many.

Nick posted a picture of himself and Ben on Instagram with the caption, “This  guy introduced me to Wordle.”

Ben’s response was, “Your life will now never be the same.”

Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

People all over are now playing this addicting game; in fact, Wordle is taking over peoples’ free time and giving them something to do during this worldwide pandemic.

It has become a competition on social media, at school, at work, and even in the company of one’s own home, as husbands and wives compete to solve their word the quickest, and in the least amount of chances.

The unique part of this particular game is that they only put one game out per day. Therefore, once you solve, or fail at solving your daily Wordle, you have to wait until after midnight for your next puzzle to come out.

How do you play Wordle?

To play Wordle, first click here, to go to the website.

Once there, you will see a block of five boxes across and six boxes down. You will also get a keyboard below showing the letters of the alphabet. The word to work out is a five-letter word every time. You have six guesses to try to figure out your word of the day.

Once you put in your first guess of five letters, it will highlight your letters either green, yellow, or dark gray. If you get a letter that turns green, then you have it in the right spot for your next try. If it turns yellow, you have found the correct letter but it’s not in the right spot.

Any letters that turn dark gray are not in the correct word at all. All of the green, yellow and dark gray letter squares will turn the below keyboard letters to their respective colors as well.

If Nick Viall has time to play this game, in between throwing recent shade at current Bachelor contestant, Teddi Wright, and Ben Higgins is finding time despite recently getting married, then you definitely have the time, too. Take that much-needed time out and play a short game and see what all the fuss is about.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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