Nick Viall and Natalie Joy talk about their future

Nick Viall & Natalie Joy
Nick Viall and Natalie Joy talk about their future. Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

Nick Viall, possibly the most decorated face in the Bachelor franchise, has been in love numerous times over the years.

He was enamored with both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe during their seasons of The Bachelorette, but he was turned down by them both in the end.

After being named The Bachelor, despite some viewer protests, Nick proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi; however, this too didn’t last.

Now, Nick has seemingly found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with — his current girlfriend Natalie Joy.

Even though there is an eighteen-year age difference between the two lovebirds, neither has been very phased by this in their relationship.

Now the couple has been talking about their future, which includes marriage and possibly kids.

Nick Viall reveals he and Natalie Joy have talked about their future together

During a joint interview with Us Weekly, Nick declared that he and Natalie have definitely discussed their future and the next step in their relationship, but they are also taking it slowly as well.

He stated, “I’m very grateful for the relationship I have with Natalie. [I’m] really excited [about] the direction it’s going and the pace in which it’s going.”

Nick then said, “We often talk about, you know, our future together and our relationship and I’m not trying to [rush]. I don’t think either of us [is] trying to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re definitely grateful for the direction it’s going.”

While being interviewed, Nick was asked if he was ready to walk down the aisle with this woman, and he responded with, “Stay tuned.”

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy’s relationship timeline

While Nick and Natalie publicly announced their relationship back in January of 2021, they had been spotted together and linked together for several months before that.

After Natalie told Nick she wanted to date exclusively and Nick said he wasn’t sure, Natalie told him that was fine but she was still going to do what she wanted in life.

Nick, shocked that she told him that, changed his mind shortly after. It was then the two became pretty much inseparable and knew their relationship was special.

In July of this year, the couple celebrated their two-year dating anniversary at the place their relationship began.

Will Nick and Natalie be the next Bachelor franchise couple to get engaged? As Nick said, stay tuned.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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