Nick Viall and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee are feuding after The Bachelor star interviewed Deepti Vempati

Abhishek Chaterjee from Love Is Blind feuds with The Bachelor star Nick Viall over Deepti Vempati.
Love is Blind’s Abhishek Chatterjee feuds with Nick Viall from The Bachelor over his podcast interview with Deepti Vempati. Pic credit: Netflix

Thanks to his stint on The Bachelor, Nick Viall, who is no stranger to receiving criticism, is bumping heads with a new reality star, thanks to his podcast.

Abhishek Chatterjee, known as Shake, stars in Season 2 of the Netflix show Love Is Blind. The show follows strangers as they attempt to fall in love without ever meeting face to face until they agree to become engaged.

Shake became one of the most-talked about cast members of the season due to his strong opinions on the importance of looks and how, despite becoming engaged during the experiment, he was not actually physically attracted to his fiancée, Deepti. Now Shake is stirring up more controversy as he feuds with the former Bachelor star.

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Nick interviews Deepti about her time on the show

Nick currently has a podcast titled The Viall Files, where he interviews different celebrities and reality stars. His latest guest was Deepti Vempati, who fans have grown to know as Deeps. Shake and Deeps fell in love on the show, became engaged, and attempted to navigate a budding romance in front of cameras.

Just before the reunion episode of Love Is Blind was released, Deeps joined Nick on his podcast to discuss the status of her relationship with Shake now that the show has ended. While sharing her story, Deeps stated that she hoped she and Shake could maintain a friendship, but after seeing the things he said behind her back, she “started to see more of his true character” and decided to cut things off completely.

Shake then commented on the video posted on Nick’s Instagram saying, “By saw my character come out you mean went back to dating my usual type. Like what were you expecting? You said no to me at the altar. You got upset when I posted pics w other girls?”

To that, Nick replied, “No she means your complete lack of self awareness that you so perfectly demonstrate with this comment. Learn how to take an L.”

Shake’s response to that was simply, “Suck it Nick.”

From there, Nick posted a video response encouraging Shake to check his ego and “learn to respond with humility” which he admits isn’t easy, but would gain him a better response from the public.

Deeps shares her thoughts on Shake

During her interview with Nick, Deeps was honest about her feelings towards Shake and the things he’s said and done that have impacted her. When asked about how she felt learning that Shake did not like her physical appearance, she said he would not say to her face verbatim that he was not attracted to her, but he would say “they were lacking chemistry” or “there’s something missing between us” instead.


What we saw was a good edit for Shake. Let that sink in. ?Full interview with @lifewithdeeps in Ep 389 link in bio #podcast #loveisblindseason2

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She also mentioned she didn’t know he was going behind her back to tell others how he felt and that she heard the mean things he was saying from other cast members. This caused her to distance herself from him and decide that they couldn’t be friends.

During their wedding day, Deeps chose to say no at the altar and end their relationship. Since filming has wrapped and the show has aired, she says Shake has tried to contact her to talk about the episodes. She says she believes he “lacks self-awareness” and “has no more words” for him.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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