Nick Viall makes a mistake shaving – How did his girlfriend and fans react?

Nick Viall
Nick Viall accidentally shaves his beard without the guard on. Pic credit: ABC

Nick Viall’s signature look is well-known throughout Bachelor Nation, so his fans may be surprised by the unintentional transformation he just debuted.

After a haircut left the former Bachelor looking clean-shaven, he asked girlfriend Natalie Joy what she thought of the change.

The pair, who have been together for over two years now, posted their reactions to social media as fans weighed in on NIck’s new style.

What did Nick Viall do on accident, and how did his girlfriend react?

Nick posted to his Instagram a video of himself after he accidentally trimmed his beard without the guard on, and he had very little facial hair after he was done.

It seems that Nick’s long-time girlfriend Natalie had a lot to say about his new look after the mishap. Nick took to Instagram to show off the style and question Natalie about her opinion of it.

He started the video by asking, “Babe, so you hate my face?”

Viewers can hear Natalie in the background as she stated, “I did not say that.”

Nick went on to explain that his guard didn’t work correctly, so he ended up trimming his beard too much.

He then doubled down on his earlier comments as he said to Natalie in the next room, “So you hate my face?”

Natalie said again, “I did not say that,” as Nick said to her and the camera, “You made me feel a little self conscious. Do I look that bad? Babe, do I look that bad?”

Viewers can again hear Natalie in the background as she says “No” to Nick’s questions.

What did Bachelor fans have to say on Nick’s Instagram post?

Fans, however, loved Nick’s new look and shorter beard, as they took to the comment section on Nick’s post.

Two viewers posted their support for Nick’s shortened facial hair, as they stated, “You’re Nick Viall. You always looks good,” and “It looks sooooo good like that. I love it. Keep it short.”

Nick Viall comments
Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

Other fans also stated their love for the look when they posted, “You look so much better without the beard!! (fire flame emoji),” and “I’m seeing Ryan Phillipe vibes.”

Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

How is Nick Viall still a part of Bachelor Nation today?

Nick is the current host of his own podcast the Viall Files, and he still loves to give his input on the Bachelor Nation shows, contestants, and alumni.

In fact, he just participated on the live finale panel with a few other Bachelor Nation alums during Clayton Echard’s finale. He couldn’t get over how the season ended and was in shock as he took to social media to show how he felt about the journey and the ending.

Nick Viall might be one of the most well-known face in Bachelor Nation history, as he has appeared on The Bachelorette (twice), Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelor, as the leading man.

While Nick did find love on the shows he was on, he didn’t find his forever love on the franchise. However, it seems that Nick might have found that love now with his girlfriend Natalie Joy.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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