Nick Thompson says he has ‘so much unfinished business’ with his ex-wife Danielle Ruhl

Danielle Ruhl Nick Thompson
Danielle and Nick have reunited post-divorce. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Nick proposed to Danielle in the pods during Season 2 of Netflix’s dating experiment, and she accepted.

They were one of only two couples to tie the knot during their season, joining Jarrett Jones and Iyanna McNeely, who have since split.

Danielle and Nick’s marriage was short-lived, and Danielle filed for divorce in August 2022, just a little over a year since they tied the knot.

They’ve since reconnected after they both came forward with allegations against Love Is Blind producers, accusing them of ignoring their mental health and depriving them of basic necessities such as water.

Danielle recently appeared on Nick’s podcast, Eyes Wide Open, and the former spouses discussed what brought them back together.

Love Is Blind exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson initially reconnected after ‘one too many drinks’

Nick admitted that seeing Danielle in the media “triggered a whole bunch of feelings,” and after “one too many drinks,” he built up the courage to contact her.

The drunken text exchanges between the two ended with them getting together in person and staying up until 5 a.m. talking about their divorce and their experience on reality TV.

“It felt like no time had passed, but a lot of time had passed. It was a weird feeling,” Danielle shared.

Nick added, “I’ve been feeling so stuck because there’s so much unfinished business with us.”

On the night Nick and Danielle reunited, Danielle posted a photo of them snuggling on the couch, which has since gone viral. In the snap, the two held hands and smiled, and Danielle captioned the pic, “Sup.”

However, they apparently imbibed a little bit too much because neither Danielle nor Nick recall the photo being uploaded.

Although the pic sparked rumors that Nick and Danielle have rekindled their romantic relationship, neither mentioned whether they’re officially back together again.

Nick and Danielle continue to advocate for mental health awareness

Curious Love Is Blind viewers likely won’t get any answers from their Instagram activity, either. Danielle and Nick share mostly selfies and post a lot about spreading mental health awareness, but they haven’t mentioned each other in a romantic light.

Danielle has been open about her struggles with mental health. Earlier this month, Danielle shared a post on Instagram telling her followers that she took a leave of absence from work to attend outpatient trauma therapy.

Nick has also spoken frequently about mental health and even launched a non-profit, UCAN Foundation, which provides “mental health and legal support to past, current, and future reality TV contestants.”

Seasons 1 through 4 of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.

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