New Survivor logo takes the show back to the basics

Jeff Probst Host On Survivor
We are going to see a lot more of Survivor host Jeff Probst over the next few years. Pic credit: CBS

A new Survivor logo has been revealed for Season 41, and it is all about getting back to the basics of the show.

Gone are the subtitles and extraneous themes, and fans are instead greeted with the familiar slogan that gets to the heart of the game.

The Survivor 41 logo is shared below, and it features the familiar words of outwit, outplay, and outlast that the show has always been known for over the years.

Rather than go with a theme like Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water, or David vs. Goliath, the new season will go with the number 41.

This is an excellent move for the reality competition show, especially since it has been so long since we were last able to watch a new episode.

“Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. #Survivor finally returns this fall with Season 41. What are you most excited for?” reads the caption for a social media post that shows of this new Survivor logo.

Survivor 41 start date in the fall of 2021

CBS has already announced that Survivor is returning for the fall 2021 television schedule. We don’t know an exact Survivor start date yet, but it will likely fall on the same night as the Big Brother 23 season finale. If the latest rumors about the BB23 season-ender are true, then we could be looking at the Survivor 41 season premiere airing on Wednesday, September 29.

From there, we should see weekly episodes of the Survivor 41 cast playing the game on Wednesday nights. It will be nice to have the show back on television, with a brand new group of castaways playing the game.

A fan site has also posted what they claim to be the full Survivor 41 cast list. It gives an early look at the people who may have been brought on to help breathe new life into the franchise. It’s a cast that appears to come from many different walks of life, and it is certainly spread out when it comes to their ages.

News about Survivor 42

Work has begun on the next few seasons of Survivor as well. Since filming has been completed on Survivor 41, the production team has shifted to working on the two seasons after it.

It looks like the Survivor 42 cast has already begun playing the game, making it possible for the season to air in the spring of 2022 on CBS. That’s more great news for the franchise, which has been plagued by production issues since the end of Survivor: Winners at War.

There had been issues with filming the show in Fiji, but everything now appears to be back on track. Due to what is going on around the world, though, some changes have had to be made to the show’s format.

It looks like the Survivor 41 season is a lot shorter than normal. That will likely get addressed by production and possibly host Jeff Probst before the season premiere in the fall. We also hope to hear more about why Jeff called Survivor 41 “super dangerous” in a recent video.

Survivor 41 debuts in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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