Nayte and Michelle post ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos and videos of their ice-skating date

Season 18 The Bachelorette Michelle Young and her fiance Nayte Olukoya enjoy ice skating date in Canada. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelorette Michelle Young and fiancé Nayte Olukoya enjoyed an ice-skating date with friends while visiting his family this weekend.

The two have spent the weekend documenting their road trip up to Canada and their time with Nayte’s family in Winnipeg.

Nayte and Michelle got engaged on her season of The Bachelorette and have since been talking about moving in together and wedding plans. However, fans have been most thrilled with their continuous light-hearted updates.

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya thrill fans with series of ice-skating videos and photos

The pair, both known for being athletic, appeared a little wobbly while they got used to the ice. Along with a shot of the two cuddled up in front of a Winnipeg sign, Michelle also posted several clips of both her and Nayte’s ice skating fails.

“Ice skating is going great for anyone asking [laughing emoji]” Michelle captioned her first video, laughing as Nayte stumbled by her on the ice.

“Behind the scenes,” she captioned another video of the two appearing to collide before they both fell.

nayte falls on ice-skating date
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

“This is realistic,” Michelle said, while laughing, in the video.

nayte and michelle cuddle up
pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

A collection of some of the couple’s ice-skating videos can be seen in the Instagram post below.
Pic credit: @michelleandnayte/Instagram

Another video of Nayte taking a spill was posted by their friend, Wilfred Sam-King Jr. The video was set to the popular “oh no” sound and shows Nayte’s perspective as he falls to the ice while attempting to video his friends.

“The on ice camera man [laughing emoji]” Wilfred captioned the clip.

Wilfred also welcomed Michelle to Canada as the group appeared to warm up inside.

Michelle bonds with her future in-laws

Nayte’s friends aren’t the only ones Michelle has spent the weekend charming.

Michelle’s future sister-in-law, Mati, posted a selfie of the two to her Instagram with the caption “@michelleyoung. I Love you so much.”

michelle and future sister-in-law
Pic credit: @ayokulo603/Instagram

It appears both families fully approve with Lavonne Young gushing over Nayte in the After the Final Rose episode.
“We are in love with Nayte. Absolutely in love with Nayte,” LaVonne told the audience.

Michelle and Nayte talk wedding and moving plans

Although the pair initially faced skepticism from The Bachelorette audience, they’ve only strengthened their relationship since the end of the show.

Nayte received the infamous first impression rose and was a clear front-runner from the beginning. After a devastating breakup with runner-up Brandon Jones, Michelle accepted Nayte’s proposal, calling him her “soul-Nayte.”  

Nayte has since revealed plans to move to Minnesota and the couple has opened up about their plans for a possible summer wedding.

“The planning is picking up speed. No shade to anybody who wants a long engagement, but that’s not us. We’re like, cool, you’re my person, I’m your person. We’re ready!” Michelle told People magazine.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.