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Nathan Griffith reveals Jenelle’s Teen Mom salary in nasty tweets

Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith goes off on Jenelle in a new Twitter rant, revealing her MTV salary. Pic credit: MTV

Nathan Griffith seems to be tired of fighting with Jenelle Evans over their son, Kaiser. For months, Nathan has fought to get custody of Kaiser as he claims that he has seen bruises on his son. Plus, Griffith hasn’t been too pleased with what he has seen play out on Teen Mom 2 regarding David Eason’s behavior and parenting.

After learning that Jenelle Evans was taking the kids out to drive around in the hurricane-hit areas, Nathan Griffith decided to speak out on social media. He reveals that he’s tired of always been labeled the bad parent when Jenelle is clearly putting her kids in danger by driving around Wilmington and affected areas.

He also yelled at her, telling her to stop keeping Kaiser from him. And that’s when Nathan decided to pinpoint how much Jenelle actually makes from MTV. Of course, there’s some credibility to what he’s saying, as the two were set to get married a few years ago. Furthermore, it’s possible that Evans’ salary has only increased.

According to Griffith, Jenelle is making a whopping $300,000 per season. The girls sometimes film 2 seasons a year, meaning she must have plenty of money in her bank account.

Sadly, Nathan Griffith continues to slam Jenelle, revealing that she’s ignoring him, and he feels that his only choice is to come online and bash Jenelle.

These days, Nathan Griffith is focused on seeing his son while Jenelle is using her extensive social media network to get help for people in need. It’s uncertain what her custody agreement is with Nathan these days, but he’s clearly desperate to see his son.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus, but Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on Monday, October 1.

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