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Natascha Bessez’s kissing on Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is mocked online

Natascha Bessez
Natascha Bessez’s kissing is being mocked online. Pic credit: ABC

Natascha Bessez joined the cast of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart last night on the show. Three new women featured throughout the episode, but Natascha was first — arriving just minutes after it started.

The reason? She had a mission in mind — wanting to call out Trevor Holmes because he had dated one of her good friends.

However, as the episode progressed, it became less about Natascha’s mission to expose Trevor and more about her own survival on the show.

She pursued Ryan, a younger contestant, and she planted a big kiss on him.

As it turns out, that kiss got lots of attention online because, as many fans pointed out, it was not only a little aggressive, but she literally looked like she was taking a big bite out of his face.

Natascha Bessez’s kissing becomes a big joke online

One thing is for sure — Natascha knows what she wants and she goes for it. Her kissing was captured on social media and spread all over on Instagram.

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