Natalya Scudder opens up about anxiety, depression, and bullying after Below Deck Med exit

Natalya Scudder on Below Deck Med Season 8
Natalya got real about her struggles. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med alum Natalya Scudder has spoken out after she chose to leave Season 8 of the show early.

Natalya exited after Kyle Viljoen raged at her when she inserted herself into his argument with Max Salvador.

Instead of sharing what didn’t make the cut on Below Deck Med and defending her behavior on the reality TV show, Natalya went a different route.

The stew got real about her life, revealing that she not only struggles with depression and anxiety but was sexually assaulted a few years ago.

In a video, Natalya revealed why she opted to be honest instead of going on the defense.

“Yeah, yesterday I was gonna post a very sassy video, um, talking about what was cut from the show, the edit, and all the things you didn’t see. But then I decided, like, you know, that would just bring me no peace and just more negativity,” she began her message.

Below Deck Med star Natalya Scudder opens up about anxiety and depression

The Bravo personality revealed she is working hard to focus on the positive things in her life, so she decided just to speak her truth. Natalya doesn’t usually show her emotions, but for this video, she went all in on being vulnerable to prove life isn’t always what’s shown on social media.

Then, she went into some backstory, sharing how she dealt with depression as a teen. However, Natalya couldn’t deal with it then and ended up in the hospital. Even though she tried counseling, Natalya felt no one could help her because everyone she talked to was dismissive because she was a teen.

Natalya managed to get her depression under control so that she could finish high school. Things were good until Natalya was 21 and sexually assaulted while working in the yachting industry.

“But yeah, that broke me, and I became a shell of myself,” Natalya shared.

The incident caused her to isolate herself from the rest of the crew. Eventually, Natalya left the yacht and returned home to inform her mom what happened and seek help.

After seeing various therapists, Natalya found a Hypnotherapy and a doctor who really understood her needs.

Despite finding therapy, Natalya still suffered from night terrors and not sleeping, which is when she learned she had anxiety.

“That anxiety really just f***ing flew on in there and attacked me as well. I could never switch my brain off,” she stated. “Even now, like my anxiety is that bad, I will not leave the house some days for like weeks. So, days, weeks at a time. Like I haven’t left the house at this point right now for two weeks. No, sorry for a week and nearly two weeks.”

Natalya Scudder talks Below Deck Med and online bullying

After dealing with anxiety, depression, and her sexual assault, Natalya decided to join Below Deck Med. Natalya admitted that Season 7 of the show was good, but she wasn’t prepared for what Season 8 brought.

Natalya addressed her relationship with AJ and the impact it had on her. She just wanted someone to love and fell for AJ before learning what type of relationship he wanted.

The stew opened up about the show, focusing on her relationship and the backlash she got for it. No, Natalya isn’t with AJ anymore because things were terrible once she returned from Below Deck Med, leading her into a  downward spiral.

“While the show has been airing, I’m basically reliving my worst nightmare. Like, I’m reliving all of that, like plus dealing with freaking, you know, the fact that all these hours are put down little these episodes. Like there’s never really the full story, but anyway, I signed up for it,” Natalya admitted.

Before signing off, Natalya brought up the online bullying that she not only endured but many of her cast members, too.

“The online bullying has been horrific not just for me, like, across the cast. Like, you know, I don’t get why people can’t watch it and just turn it off. It’s it’s TV, it’s entertainment,” she said before admitting she doesn’t understand the nastiness.

Natalya takes full responsibility for the negativity and online bullying she has participated in. In the end, Natalya isn’t looking for sympathy. She wanted to share her mental health journey in the hopes others would know they are not alone.

Below Deck Med Season 8 has certainly been one for the books, and it’s only half over. Nataly Scudder isn’t the only one speaking out after her exit.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle Viljoen spoke out about his difficult season on the show.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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