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Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 models sexy lingerie, cute pajamas in the ocean

Natalie On BB18 Cast
The Summer 2016 season of Big Brother featured Natalie Negrotti on the cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 18 houseguest Natalie Negrotti shared a new video that has social media buzzing.

It’s clear that Natalie is not shy about showing off her figure, as evidenced by the Halloween costume she wore this year.

In this new video shared below, Natalie can be seen modeling sexy lingerie and cute pajama sets as the ocean waves lap at her legs.

Already, she has received a lot of supportive comments from the world of Big Brother and The Challenge on MTV.

Natalie Negrotti shares sexy and cute video on social media

“Snuck off to the warm weather this Winter. Which @adoreme set is your fave? I love the 4th one 💜 It’s empowering being a woman,” Natalie captioned a video that shows her cycling through several outfits with a Madonna song playing in the background.

Natalie gets support from friends and followers

Natalie Negrotti finished in sixth place as a member of the Big Brother 18 cast, and then she went on to compete on several seasons of The Challenge for MTV. On The Challenge, Natalie was a finalist on Final Reckoning, and she also competed on Vendettas and War of the Worlds.

Some of her reality TV followers and friends have left glowing comments on her latest video. That includes Tommy Bracco from Big Brother 21 and Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23, who both really enjoy the gloves that Natalie was wearing with several of her outfits.

Natalie Instagram Comments
Comments of support from Natalie Negrotti’s followers. Pic credit: @natalienegrotti/Instagram

More news from the world of Big Brother

The biggest news in the world of Big Brother is that a new season of Celebrity Big Brother is arriving this winter. We should be learning the names of those cast members pretty soon. Already, there have been a lot of rumors about who might be joining the show this time around.

This week, Derek Frazier from BB23 posted a shirtless photo that showed off his recent weight loss.

Last week, Christie Murphy from Big Brother 21 got married. This was after a fancy proposal that took place at the Eiffel Tower.

And earlier in December, Jessie Kowalski from Big Brother 15 got engaged to be married.

For now, fans of the show can start getting exciting about the new season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition getting started in February 2022. With this new winter season, it won’t seem quite as long of a wait until Big Brother 24 arrives in Summer 2022.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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