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Naked and Afraid: What does PSR mean?

Naked contestants
On Naked and Afraid, each contestant comes with a PSR ranking to assess how well they will do. Pic credit: Discovery

On the Discovery Channel, the series Naked and Afraid ranks its players with a variety of variables that determine how likely they will perform in the wild with little to no assistance or tools.

This acronym “PSR” is the show’s determinate for how ready each player actually is for the challenges ahead.

The series takes people who have submitted videos and applications that extol their unique survivor skills and their overall abilities.

These contestants face monumental challenges, such as being placed alone or with a stranger in a foreign environment for a select time. This is usually the baseline of 21 days, but the XL version of the series extends that to upwards of 60 or more.

The physical challenges are procuring food, water, and shelter in a short time period.

However, many find out that mental preparation and attitude are the make or break determining factors for someone going the distance and emerging victorious and intact.

What is Naked and Afraid really about?

On Discovery’s naked reality TV series Naked and Afraid, it is a mind over matter physical challenge. Contestants are ranked and rated by their survival skills and overall fitness.

This is shown as a “PSR” ranker, which is a numeric scale that reveals what the show producers feel is the viability and expertise of each person partaking in the reality competition without clothing.

These contestants are also dropped off in very inhospitable locations with nothing but the absolute basics. No food or water is given to them. These contestants must make shelter, secure food and water, and stay warm somehow.

Sometimes the person is alone, and other times they are paired off. There are circumstances where the show features a group of them camping together.

At times, a contestant leaves the 21-day challenge, leaving the other person to fend for themselves alone.

Often times, the variable of personality conflicts and disagreements and friction color the outcome for each contestant.

Naked and Afraid: What does PSR mean?

According to Discovery, this acronym means “primitive survival rating,” and is based on the skills the survivalists come into the challenge with.

It also takes into account their physical state of being such as body fat and health.

Discovery adds:

Primitive Survival Rating is a score given to a Naked and Afraid survivalist by a team of experts based on a few different factors.

First is their survival experience – hands-on vs. book knowledge. Second is their skill set – Can they make fire and shelter? Can they filter water and hunt and forage?

Last is their mental fortitude that includes team work, attitude, resilience, and ingenuity.

On Discovery’s Naked and Afraid Facebook page, it provides a handy quiz for you to assess your own PSR:

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8 PM on Discovery.

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