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Naked and Afraid exclusive: Wildlife gives away pending earthquake caught on camera

On Sunday’s Naked and Afraid for Discovery, our exclusive preview is a fascinating look at what happens before a big earthquake takes place.

We see our two survivor contestants – Jessica Cornellier and Jonathan Bonessi – who react and are puzzled while they are observing the animals and lizards running for their lives…but why are they doing this?

And we soon find out why, as the jungle begins to shake violently and it is all caught on camera.

It has often been said that animals and birds know when seismic activity is about to happen, and this preview supports that theory.

Undoubtedly, the “afraid” part of Naked and Afraid is in full effect this Sunday.

What happens on Naked and Afraid?

Jessica Cornellier and Jonathan Bonessi.
Right before the earthquake struck in the Philippines. Pic credit: Discovery

A powerful earthquake in the Philippine jungle rattles a thrill-seeking chef named Jon and a competitive hockey mom named Jess.

Jon is described as a “loud-mouthed” chef who comes with the PSR ranking of 6.5, and his partner Jess is a fit and attractive mom who is described as a “stubborn athlete hunter.” She comes with a PSR ranking of 6.1.

For the adventure in the Philippines, the two have each brought an essential tool or item.

We find out that one has brought a mosquito net, and one has chosen a machete, a great combination for where they are placed in this series. The two are also armed with a detailed map.

They see on the map that they will face wild boar and some monkeys in their trek to where they want to build a shelter.

In the Twitter video posted, Jess considered herself a spiritual person, and Jon yells at trees for good luck and to watch his back.

Make sure to tune in to see how they deal with the territorial monkeys, rainstorms, lack of food, and dehydration, which will lead to a calamitous face-first fall.

What earthquake happened during the filming?

There were two back-to-back earthquakes over 6.0 in 2019 during the time of the production of Naked and Afraid.

It was reported that a 6.1-magnitude earthquake left 11 people dead, and 30 still feared trapped after the tremor. The first quake was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on the island of Samar in the central Philippines. The first earthquake struck Bodega on the Philippine island of Luzon on the day before.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.

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